Thunder Head

Thunder Head to the South

We had somewhere between 80 and 100 cubic-yards of compost that has been sitting in a pile over the winter. It is well matured. I spread it yesterday and the chickens have been scratching it over. Today the kids and I fenced it in with a section of poultry netting and planted corn, tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, broccoli and herbs. Some were seeds, others are seedlings we had started earlier last month.

My plan was to have it rain this evening. There were those who scoffed at me since it was a clear blue sky and had been all day. The weather predicted continued clear blue skies. Late in the evening the large thunder head above, Cumulonimbus clouds, passed us by to the east dumping rain over that way. Plenty of lightning but no rain here. Later we heard storms pass us to the west as well. Seems my rain dance is powerful, just not accurate. Ah, well…

Always have a backup plan. Tomorrow we’ll setup soaker hoses from a spring up in the orchard field above our tiny cottage. That is running well and will give the new garden the watering it needs. Once I get the soaker hoses setup it will rain. Guaranteed.

Outdoors: 72°F/39°F Sunny, Lightning
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/69°F

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6 Responses to Thunder Head

  1. Walter-
    I got to tell you again….your new Word Press setup is just gorgeous! It really does your photos justice. Simply beautiful!

    • Thank you. I’m currently using the default Twenty-Ten (2010) theme for WordPress 3.0beta2. I like it and may just stick with it. Simple and clean.

      One aspect of it that you noticed is the photos are now easier to show since they are larger at 640 pixels wide. In the past I had been hesitant to utilize such a wide format because years ago big displays were less common and then those using phone browsers had issues with big images. But this seems to be less of an issue now so at least for the moment I’m exploring the larger image format. I do like it. More detail.

  2. Marie says:

    I was going to say the same thing about the pictures, Walt. Just stunning.

    We got the rain down here in Little Rhody – at 2 am. Violent, lashing rain, more thunder and lightening than usual for the coast, and it seemed to go on for a long time. Checked the rain gauge the next morning – a whole quater-inch. Had to water anyway.
    Oh, well.

    Glad the blog is back!

    • The rain missed us but as my son pointed out, I had told him I wanted a thunder storm and I never specified rain. Guess I have to be careful what I wish for. Be very specific. 1.54″ of gentle rain please over a 3 hour period starting at 1 am tonight. How’s that? :)

  3. Michelle says:

    Hi Walter,

    I’m on dialup and your pictures are coming thru just fine and fast.
    Glad the blog is back, I enjoy reading it and usually learn something.

  4. You’ve convinced me. I’m switching to WordPress as well. I’ve been advised to by someone that knows a lot more about this stuff than I do, but I was resisting due to the fact I had already spent some time researching SquareSpace. But seriously, why do it different when I have a source I can rely on in Houston to help me out when I can’t find the answer myslef?

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