Test QuickPressed Post

This is just a test. Had this been a real post it would have been more significant. But it isn’t.

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32 Responses to Test QuickPressed Post

  1. Rhenda says:

    Got it. Must be working.
    Enjoy your blog, btw.

  2. watcher says:

    So just which URL should I bookmark so I can keep an eye on you to make sure you are doing things the way they are supposed to be done?

  3. Once I have everything figured out it will settle back to http://SugarMtnFarm.com/blog again or maybe http://SugarMtnFarm.com or both. I’m working on converting over to WordPress 3.0 which is a moving target since it is in beta which is the final stage of development.

    Thanks for the test!

  4. dan says:

    works for me… keep up the great work.

  5. Debbie says:

    Is the time right? Are you 3 1/2 hours ahead of me!

  6. Good catch, Debbie. I have adjusted the server time zone to be the same as New York City so it should be correct now.

  7. Susan says:

    I’m a fan of your blog and farm! We are still getting snow at 5,000 feet in the Rockies, too. Anxiously awaiting tomato planting day in a few weeks.

  8. ranch101 says:

    Testing, testing! Is this thing on?

  9. So glad I found you again because a day without Walter is like, well..a mountainside sans piano.

  10. Sally says:

    Phew, made it!

  11. jean fejes says:

    It works.

  12. Paul says:

    Testing, Testing… Great blog!

  13. Ryan says:

    A test link to a tiny house planning.  With some strikethrough bold.

    Google Reader picked up that you posted.

  14. Sarah says:

    Yep, I found you on my Google Reader too. Happy blog-moving!

  15. Nance says:

    After a week or so of attempts to find you, I did find you, this time. Keep in contact! Would hate to lose the connection!

  16. jon says:

    Test Post…… sure have been missing your blog!

  17. Louisa says:

    **waves from across the pond**

    Pretty picture with the slanting light

  18. It’s working! Kimberly.

  19. Mike says:

    Another Blogger to WordPress migration? I was in the same boat. It’s looking good!

  20. Rosalyn says:

    AyYut (that’s New Englander for ‘Yup’)

  21. Evelyn says:


    I’ve been checking at your old blog every day! I tried the search you provided & one of my own as well…. couldn’t find you!

    I’m on Firefox (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C)) are the specifics. It’s a cut & paste. But… works fine! Good job!!!

  22. Brian says:

    Found you, but the “flashweb” domain threw me off.

  23. The FlashWeb.com domain is temporary as I test out WordPress 3.0 which is still in Beta form. Eventually I’ll be back to using the SugarMtnFarm.com. When I’m done all the old links will work – I hope.

    FlashWeb.com derives from Flash Magazine which was a magazine about desktop publishing (DTP) that I founded and published from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s. It rose to a peak of about 112,000 readers with subscribers from around the world. Part of the focus, and origin, was laser printer Transfer Toner which I had invented back in the 1980’s for T-shirt, sign and other decorating under the guise of my company BlackLightning. A little bit of history for you…

    Tinker, Tailor, Chemist, Map Maker, Designer, Programmer, Engineer, Writer, Publisher, now Pig Farmer and soon to be Ye Old Fashion Butcher… I’ve come back around the loop because long, long ago in a far away land I worked as a slaughterer and butcher in a high speed meat processing plant. The difference is that this time I’ll own the facility. Who’d a thunk.

  24. I think you will like wordpress. I used type-pad and blogger but found it limiting. I use wordpress for my UVM Extension blog farm safe and also for my home blog: http://www.alexandrajump.wordpress.com

    One issue is having to buy upgrades for photo space. I maxed out on my former blog, blackramfarm. I can still access the blog photos, but a real pain. I have since learned to back up any posts I do on a montly basis, just in case.

    best on the new blog. I will link up to farmsafevt.


  25. Cynthia says:

    Love you blog and hope all your old posts are able to be transferred.

  26. Peter Horowitz says:

    Keep it coming!
    Peter (retired from the Ethicurean)

  27. Joshua Anderson says:

    This is a test…….a test…….a test……… Hi Yah!

  28. Ellen Henetti says:

    Glad you’re making the transition to WordPress Walter. It is a truly better blogging system. My son moved me over and I am so glad. I kept having problems with blogger although I don’t thing ever as bad as the troubles you had from reading your past posts on this issue.

    I am very impressed with your family, your cottage, your farm, your kids and your dogs. You do amazing things. I don’t raise pigs or even chickens, I just vicariously do it through you and a friend who I have a pork and chicken share with each year. Two years ago she started feeding her pigs more grass and clover and giving them milk. The meat has been delicious, far better than before. This year is the first year she’s completely skipped the bagged feed. She says it saved a lot of money and I can’t wait to taste the pork!

    Best Blessings!

    Ellen Henetti

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