Goose & Pigs

Goose on Pig

And you thought I was joking about pig eggs… No, these are not mates, not in the reproductive sense. In fact, this goose and these two sows don’t even really hang out together much although our original goose used to spend a lot of time with the pigs before we got more geese. Now that we have other geese she spends most of her time with them. I was inspecting piglets in the house end shed and surprised goose who hopped up on the sow before giving me a disconcerted squawk.

The sows are named Oreo and Short Nose.

Outdoors: 60째F/31째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 69째F/62째F

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11 Responses to Goose & Pigs

  1. Mary Ricksen says:

    Strange buddies, but what the hey. It's interesting to see though when animals of very different species become friends. Or even tolerate each other enough that that goose feels comfortable.
    The farm must be just beautiful this time of year. All the wildflowers in full show mode, everything smells fresh and new, and lungfuls of sweet air just make you want to do a Tarzan yell!
    I love spring in Vermont!
    Does the Mrs. have a green thumb and like to plant spring flowers?

  2. Actually, it's pretty muddy right now. We still have some snow banks left and are just warming. I think it will be a short mud season though as it has been dry. This morning we were just noticing the first green shoots of grass. I'm the one with the green thumb and love of gardening but Holly follows along gamely helping me. She enjoys the result of the endeavors and puts up with seedlings in the house.

    There is a duck, a drake, that hangs out with the geese. He is an 'extra' drake and the lower of the two in our flock of ducks. Perhaps visiting with the geese and not having to compete with the dominant drake is his way of relaxing. Sort of a vacation.

  3. David says:

    My lifetime favorite of interspecies best friends were two pets of my father's. Kelly was a "Royal" French Poodle, over eighty five pounds, regal, and with a roar and lunge like a lion when he was protecting us or protesting. Flower was a descented striped skunk I'd gifted my old man with. Flower, a substantial twenty pounds, typically slept snuggled in the middle of Kelly's sleeping curl, and when the dog rose, the skunk would hold on with all fours, riding around like a striped backpack. Kelly loved the backscratching, and Flower was just having fun and a free ride.

    One night my Dad brought a man home who had inadvertently rear ended Dad's car on the steep one lane San Marcos pass above Santa Barbara. It was still rural then, and the fellow needed to use our telephone.
    Dad held the door for his guest, who stepped in, and nearsightedly stepped in the middle of what he thought was a throw rug. Kelly roared, and did his usual stop-at-the-skin lunge at the man's thigh. Flower rode him up and bit for real, just above Kelly's strike. Skunks have sharp teeth but it was just a nip.

    That was the first time I ever saw a grownup lose bladder control.

  4. Cool! That is quite the critter combo, David. Great story. I can just see it all happening.

  5. Teresa says:

    We thought my son was crazy when he kept talking about the chicken that was hanging out with my steer. Eventually, we say this beautiful red rooster that would walk with the steer or sit on his back while he was laying in the pasture. Eventually, another rooster showed up to share the pasture. Someone had dumped a bunch of roosters in town, and they found their way to a big friend.

  6. What breed of geese do you have? They look really nice.

  7. I'm not sure what breed, or breeds, they are. They may be a mix. People who've seen them have suggested an African Goose or a Toulouse Goose. They don't quite look like either so they are probably a cross.

  8. Jeff says:

    I think the goose in the picture maybe a Pilgrim. Looks like the one at this site (

  9. I think you're right, Jeff. The Pilgrim looks very close.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello Walter Jeffries and family. thank you for sharing your life and info with us all. I first found your site when a friend called on Christmas day and said "the piglets will be there in 3 hours" and I had no pen, no den, no hay, no food. The info on your site has been so helpful and next week Pork Chop and Bacon will have reached a bit beyond the market weight of 225. Maybe will send pics of the boys before slaughter.
    Thanks again

  11. SibeFamily says:

    Thank you Jeffries family for your dedication to this wonderful blog! Our family loves checking in. I love the pictures, and the information has been so helpful and fun to read!!

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