Wild Ducks

Mallard Pair on Upper Pond

This past week I heard many flights of geese headed north. One set we managed to call down to the marshes below us in the valley. Then this morning while I was doing morning chores in the mist I got dive bombed by two streaks flashing by my head near the upper pond. They were as surprised as I. Visibility was low with the morning clouds.

Male Mallard Takes Off

The mallards landed on the upper pond and swam around for a few minutes before taking off across the south field. Flying ducks look like bowling pins with wings. It is hard to believe they keep going up.

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Tiny Cottage: 67째F/65째F

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5 Responses to Wild Ducks

  1. Anna says:

    I started seeing wood ducks for the first time this year a few weeks ago. I'm always inspired by them — not sure why, maybe because they're so secretive? We don't have mallards much on our creek because it's too wooded.

  2. teresa says:

    My ducks would be jealous–their bodies are so big that they can't fly. I am amazed at how graceful and powerful birds are when they fly. I've had a pair of eagles near my home that are truly awe inspiring.

  3. karl says:

    we had wild ducks today on our little pond also. a good omen..

  4. David says:

    I'm in Davis, California, and, while I got here a couple of years ago, I spent last year getting partially cyborged; two new knees. So now that I can do long hikes with a pack again I've been exulting in the Northern California wild fowl. A pond a third of a mile away is literally full of Canada Geese, I've seen my first wood ducks there, Green Egrets the size of long crows, and Great white Egrets that can eat a pocket gopher. I love seeing the variety, and the sheer beauty of the feathered critters. However, I did suspend my birding for the snow. You are hardier than I.

  5. This afternoon Holly and I saw two wild geese flying below us in the valley. They had taken off from the marshes and were skimming the trees down the Vee the land. Usually we see geese flying high over head so it was an interesting treat to look down towards them instead. I wonder if they were the same pair Hope and I had seen land on the beaver pond last week.

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