Wire Twist Tools

Fence Wire Twist Tools

The tool on the left is an official high tensile fence wire twister. This is used to join sections of fencing or terminate wire. It works great even with the heavy duty 12 gauge hard steel wires. The tool on the right, an old broken spade drill bit, is my solution when I can’t find the tool on the left. It works great too.

The last week has been glorious weather with brilliant blue sunny skies. It has been so warm we’ve not been burning fires. The only disadvantage is we don’t have the hot fire going to dry gloves, work suits and such. I must admit it is nice in the winter to have hot towels.

Outdoors: 39째F/15째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68째F/61째F

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3 Responses to Wire Twist Tools

  1. Nance says:

    I love twisted wire — wire twisted by an old timer. I can't twist it so tight or so well. I have a late 1800s chair that some artisan had tightened up the joints with twisted wire — wire wrapped round and round. Or a twisted fence wire. I admire the skill, the craftsmanship.

  2. David says:

    I love it! Great make do and innovation.

  3. Those gloves are the best I have worn. Warm, water proof, good grip, and I still have much dexterity. To boot, a lifetime warranty! I have used the warranty, and it was not a hassle at all.

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