Snowy Country Road

Route-302 in Orange, VT Looking North

Classic country road scene in the winter. This is Vermont state highway 302 which runs from Barre up over the mountain at Orange heights where our land begins. From there it plunges downward to Groton and places eastward. This section has no power lines and is very pretty or that. It is known as deadman’s curve due to the sharp turn to the left on a steep downward slope. Many a vehicle has gone off the road. The fortunate ones do it slowly into a deep gentle snowbank. Its winter – There is ice. Even without the ice it is an interesting decent into the valley. We keep the speed down and get where we’re going. Better late than never.

Outdoors: 34째F/14째F Mostly Cloudy, Light Snow
Tiny Cottage: 69째F/61째F

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  1. Gail in Montana says:

    What a pretty view on the way to your farm, Walter!!! Looks like some of our mountain passes out here, which is where we have to go to see any accumulation of snow pretty much this winter. Thanks for sharing.

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