Miss Direction

Tiny Cottage in Snow Blanket

It snowed.

At 3:30 AM we had about 7″ of snow.

By 6 AM it was over a foot.

By evening it was two feet.

A lot and nothing happened between then.

Three Wheeled Tractor

It was one of those days.

You go to sleep planning for one thing: We’ll take our weekly load of pigs to butcher.

You wake up to a world of change: We’re snowed in.

You change gears: I’ll plow.

Things happen: The right front tire of the tractor bursts which means time for repairs.

By evening I had a new tube in the tire, tire back on, driveway plowed, the road has been plowed and the pigs still had not gone to the butcher. We do not like to drive in bad weather so we are waiting.

Tomorrow is another day. We go to sleep planning for the same thing we planned for this morning. Reboot.

Outdoors: 31째F/20째F 24″ Snow
Tiny Cottage: 69째F/62째F

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9 Responses to Miss Direction

  1. Jerry says:

    You know, my dad has pretty much abandoned much in the way of planning because of too many days like that. Some days I almost agree!

  2. tree ocean says:

    We are supposed to have weather here in ME through the weekend. Whow knows, you might have another two feet of snow this am. We are having RAIN?!?! and howling winds.

    Sorry to hear about the tractor tire that must have been a fun job in the snow.

  3. Gail in Montana says:

    Wow, Walter, what a day you had!!! Wish you could send us some of your snow!! But you can't make the jet stream go backwards :-( . Hope you get the pigs to the butcher ok.

  4. Anna says:

    Ah, farm life. Just when you think you have the week's list all figured out, something happens and it all changes.

    (I really like the rounded building roof!)

  5. louisa says:

    My old boss used to say, "Plan for tomorrow if you want to make God laugh"

  6. Mike says:

    We had 3 feet of snow & no power yesterday. Hauling hay to my pigs' through wet & heavy snow this morning was hard work even in snow shoes.

  7. Beau says:

    Goodness I've read you folks are getting such a winter this year. Must be something to fix that tire in that weather. Wishing you warmer thoughts for Spring!

  8. Ralph says:

    I am exhausted reading that!! There are gonnah be days like that. Keep going!

  9. Nance says:

    Speaking of direction, does this end of the Tiny Cottage face south? soutwest?

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