Ice Tubes

Tunnel of Ice

Here’s one for all the ice lovers. We spend much of our year with water in a solid state. Sometimes we get very interesting shapes, carved by sun, wind, traffic or shaped from molds.

Sliding Water Chunks

This ice is coming out of a pipe, a 4″ tube which had brought water from the upper pond down to the greenhouse level water trough.

Sun Through a Crystal Lense

The high winds created tubes of ice on the inside surface of the aquaduct pipes. The result were pipes plugged at the bottom end which we took out of service. Some were plugged up solid, others partially like this one. We left them up on the shed roof to melt in the sun.

Ice in Perspective

Even if it is cold the sun’s warmth loosens the ice. Then it slowly slides down and out of the tubes to form a pile on the ground. The result were 2′ to 4′ long tubes of ice. Pretty cool!

Outdoors: 34째F/20째F Mostly Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65째F/60째F

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10 Responses to Ice Tubes

  1. Sara says:

    Wow! That is pretty dang cool! Great pictures…Hmmm Walter's pig farm is doubling as an ice sculpture park too!

  2. Great pics… and I love the banner pic, too! So adorable

  3. Gail in Montana says:

    I agree, Walter, very cool indeed!!! Thanks for sharing your "ice tubes" with us!!! That has to be quite a job getting those tubes up on the roof, water or ice is not light!!! 14 degrees here this morning, yesterday it was only 8. You must be getting a lot of cold mornings, too!!! Good luck, glad the sun is shining during the day there and here!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    HI there,
    Two week old piglets no mamma. when can they come off the bottle and drink and eat on there own? normaly I would let them stay on the tit until at least 8 weeks. any suggestions? please help!!!

  5. Nance says:

    for the beauty of the world . . .

  6. Piglets in the big industrial model are weaned at 10 days. You can introduce them to mash and then solids at just a few days old. At three weeks old you should be able to switch them over to eating by themselves, no need for a bottle. Give them a mash of feed plush milk in a bowl and let them have at it. They'll figure it out very quickly. From there you can progress to dry feed if you prefer.

  7. Pablo says:

    I think that qualifies as this year's ice sculpture!

  8. Jerry says:

    Goodness, man! Your farm is a continuous fount of amazingness!

  9. Farmerbob1 says:

    Beauty finds it’s way into the strangest places!

    So do Chinese characters, heh. Found more in this post in the temperature line, Walter.

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