Red and White All Over

Red Pig with White Socks

Despite being a Vermonter this little piggy is a White Sox fan…

This is a phenotype I have not seen before, a pig with all the same colored socks different from the rest of the body color. She came out of Mouse, one of our oldest sows along with three other red pigs in this winter litter.

Outdoors: 21째F/9째F Partially Sunny, Very Windy, Light Snow 1/2″
Tiny Cottage: 65째F/59째F

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7 Responses to Red and White All Over

  1. Gail in Montana says:

    Nice photo of your pig with white boots, Walter ;-) .

  2. Jerry says:

    hmm interesting coloring indeed.

  3. Michelle says:

    Now if it had a white face then it would look like a Hereford cattle! Neat coloring.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey walter,
    How do you keep the grass off your fence line to keep it from grounding out. you have about as much fencing as i will have and last summer I only had a small amount and it was pretty hard to keep off

  5. Anony,

    That is a question deserving of a full post. I'll put it on my to-do list. In short: fencing technique, charger, mixed animal grazing, fence walking and the occasional hand work.



  6. Lanette says:

    One WASP (brand name) fencer is the only fencer we have for our whole farm. We have about 3 miles of fencing we keep our pasture hogs in and it has always been very reliable and good at "burning" off weeds that grow along it. Just thought I'd share.

  7. Speaking of the number "one" I would suggest buying a backup fence energizer. We get a lot of lightning strikes. I have an extremely well grounded and protected setup as this is something I know a fair bit about but lightning still gets through and eats a charger time to time. By having a second unit on the shelf I can swap out immediately when that happens. Backing up is good to do.

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