Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rising over Hannah Hill

The wind was up and it was so cold I only got off two shots before I lost feeling in my hands. Unfortunately I can’t operate my camera with gloves on. The sacrifices one makes for art. I wasn’t willing to let go of a few fingers so I came in to warm up.

This is the second full moon of the month, a somewhat unusual occurrence that has recently been called a Blue Moon although technically that is supposed to be the 13th moon of the year. I personally like the two full moons in a month definition. Now that it is into the culture it will be interesting to see what definition holds sway.

If I were in charge, which I’m not thankfully, I would redesign our calendar to follow the moon. Every month would start on the full moon and the the few extra days at the end of the year would be holiday. They are already with the period from Christmas to New Years. Occasionally we would just do a little hop and a skip to deal with difference between the solar year and the lunar month. This would make much more sense than the calendar we have now. So, what should we name the 13th month and what should we call the end year days? We’ll be celebrating the return of the Sun.

Outdoors: 12째F/-9째F Partially Sunny, Bitter Windy
Tiny Cottage: 63째F/55째F

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7 Responses to Blue Moon Rising

  1. Gail in Montana says:

    Nice photo, Walter!! We were fortunate enough to be able to see the "blue" moon on the nights preceding, during, and after it. It was really bright, almost like daylight out there. Out here it's also known as the "wolf" moon. Thanks for your post!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Walter,
    The Islamic calendar (also called the Hijri Calendar) is actually a lunar calendar which operates just like what you are talking about. The calendar has 12 lunar months and has 354 or 355 (leap year) days in the year.

  3. Walter, I just posted MY pic of a full moon in Illinois over a Victorian mansion, taken Sat night. I quess that moon was amazing all over the country.!

  4. ~annie says:

    Blue? Looks like a nice, yellow cheese to me. Gouda, perhaps? ;-)

  5. Interesting about the "Wolf Moon" name for the January moon. I looked it up on Wiki just now and found this which lists other month moon names too.

  6. Mary Ricksen says:

    Changing twice a month is too hard on me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello again, I visited your site last month and thanked you for the story about Kita…Just thought I would let you know, our adopted border collie is coming along beautifully! I can let her out without me and she will sit in the yard and watch the chickens, or even lie down while they peck and scratch around her, but no more chasing. I don't know if she knows I am watching, and I am still not feeling secure enough to just turn her loose entirely unsupervised, but I am so pleased with her progress…So far, so good, and fingers crossed!

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