Amaryllis Bloom Banner

Amaryllis Banner in Middle Distance

The Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park featured one of my flower photos in their 2008 Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World exhibition. The theme was focusing on natural elements and had Christmas amaryllis flowers. The designer, Glenda Kraemer, had seen my flower photos here on our farm blog and wrote me asking about using them. Very cool!

A Closer Look

I’ve now had a lot of my sky and cloud photos, some of my frozen water and dam photos, my pork chart, a photo of a chair, leaves, flowers and other images used on banners, calendars, record albums, CD cases, T-shirts, TV shows, news programs, a Japanese science television program, BBC television and several books. Many images have also been used by art students in a variety of media from ages 10 through their 30’s. The cloud photos seem to be particularly popular with some having seen dozens of authorized uses. It’s always fun to be appreciated! Sometimes it even pays a little bit of money, not much but enough to take our family out to dinner – A little fun money.

Outdoors: 4째F/-11째F Sunny, 2″ Snow, High Winds
Tiny Cottage: 64째F/58째F

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6 Responses to Amaryllis Bloom Banner

  1. Anna says:

    Congratulations! I'm not surprised people want to use them — your photos are lovely!

  2. Gail in Montana says:

    That's wonderful, Walter!!!! Congratulations. I do so enjoy your photos even if I don't post every day. There's nothing wrong with a little compensation once in a while for a family outing!! Very nice!

  3. I think people are drawn to your photos Walter because you take the time to see beauty in what might seem minute or ordinary to others. All of us have seen the same items you have seen but not everyone takes the time to SEE them in the MANNER that you do.

  4. Pablo says:

    Has NASA asked to use any of your Mars photos?

  5. We have an arrangement. I'm also planning to increase their budget dramatically so they can keep up with us private space explorers…

  6. Mary Ricksen says:

    How cool Walter. I wish I could take pictures, but I stink.
    So I try to paint them with words. Been working on edits for my next book. I don't know yet when it will be out.
    At least your pictures don't take forever to take!
    Good luck with your side venue, I hope you make a ton. Have you done any advertising on any site? Might help to sell even more shots.
    I'm thinking they might now realize there is life on Mars.

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