Ice Eruption

Ice Eruption

The other day I showed a photo of the impact crater from a side trip during our voyage to Mars. Today we have quite the opposite. This is an eruption from deep beneath the depths of the world’s ice. Gasses bubbling up from below have been frozen as they hit the cold thin atmosphere near the edge of space. In the far distance across the icy plains you can see smaller eruptions. There also may be what is a fracture from a quake.

Outdoors: 45째F/17째F Sleet, Glazed world
Tiny Cottage: 63째F/59째F

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5 Responses to Ice Eruption

  1. Anna says:

    That's odd looking! That must be because of your hot springs, right? If I saw something like that in our water tank, I'd run in the other direction really fast…. :-)

  2. You got it. The bubbling water freezes at the surface producing a dome of ice. Looks like something volcanic perhaps. In other spring spots the ice leaves interesting hollow sheets across the exposed ledge, some which are almost as clear and smooth as window panes where they lie in protected areas and are not too disturbed by the wind. Its quite dynamic changing over the winter.

  3. Pablo says:

    Are you sure this isn't just a close up of your morning cappucino?

  4. *grin* No, Pablo, not my morning hot drink for a few reasons:

    1) I had to lookup what a cappucino was and looked like to answer your question. Until then I had only known of them from hearing references in movies or reading in books. Someday I'll just have to try one. The pictures certainly do look something like the ice dome above!

    2) In the morning we usually drink mint tea that we collected in late summer or sometimes hot chocolate. Sometimes I add apples to my tea.

    3) The above photo really is ice – frozen solid as a dome as opposed to steaming hot and that really is a quake fracture running across it.

    I wonder if I could get some interesting closeup shots off the tea bobs and hot coco…

  5. Jonas Lewis says:

    makes me think of coffee with some whipped cream but its a great image. i was looking for chicken images on your blog.

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