Pork Cut Xerox Calendar 2010

Fridge Full

Xerox corporation selected my Pork Cut Chart and related literature for their 2010 calendar which is hanging on the right side of our fridge above. Pretty cool and I got some free ink for winning the art contest.

On the left is the calendar Will made last year that has photos from our farm. He printed that on the Xerox printer and we had it bound ($1 each) in town to use as give outs. To print the actual calendar months Will use Apple’s iCal application on the Macintosh. The pictures were printed as a separate pass on the backs of the calendar month sheets.

Pork Cut Calendar

We have had a Xerox Phaser 8560DN double-sided color printer through their free color printer program for almost three years now and been very pleased with the printer and the program. The way one gets a free color printer is by printing enough pages per month and buying the ink through them. It is a “give away the handle and sell the razor blades” method of marketing which works since I’m going to print those pages anyways for our brochures, invoices, order forms and other materials. The print quality is excellent. Since it is a solid wax ink the prints don’t run if they get wet or handled making it ideal or brochures. In addition to getting the printer for free they also provide real live human telephone technical support and on-site repairs which we’ve needed a couple of times for the printer – both free with the program.

You can get a free Phaser 8560DN and Xerox will give me a $200 referral credit if you enter my referral code 732517 when you sign up. Entering the referral code costs you nothing extra and gives me a credit for buy supplies.

By the way, on the left of the fridge is the mystery question item of last March’s post – a shelf carved out of a 2×10 plank for our bowls, plates, cutting boards, garlic, onions and various other kitchen items. A little bit of wood working in our otherwise hard edged masonry and stone cottage.

Outdoors: 36째F/17째F 3″ Snow, Mostly Cloudy
Tiny Cottage: 63°F/55°F

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7 Responses to Pork Cut Xerox Calendar 2010

  1. Mary Ricksen says:

    I want a calendar, how do I get one Walter?
    Thanks for posting the answer to my question on one of my blogs. I saved it, it should be quite helpful to me. I appreciate your taking the time to post it.
    In the future my website is maryricksen.com. That's the best place to answer.
    I am still amazed that you guys are able to live in such a small place. Your wife must be a saint! Although there is less housework for sure.
    Thanks Walter. Maybe I'll mention you in one of my novels!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have just discovered your blog, while searching for advice on training dogs not to chase chickens. We have just adopted a 4-yr-old Border Collie mix from the shelter, and I'm working with her so hopefully, one day, she'll be trustworthy around the small farm we live on. So far she has shown rapid and marked improvement with the rabbit, cows, cats, and even–yes–the chickens; I have never had a dog so apparently trainable, and I think she will be wonderful. She showed absolutely no inclination to go after the sheep or bother the horse, but the chickens…Well! Thanks for your advice, the story about Kita, and the various other comments I've browsed so far. Like you we have no TV–Is the percentage of Americans without one really growing, or am I just finding more of them as I get older?–my husband and I couldn't afford one when we got married 23 years ago and we have just never felt the desire to buy one. I gather you and your wife homeschool–as do we. My kids are 11, 10, and nearly 4. I also educate other peoples' kids–I teach both online and occasionally on campus at our local state university. Best of all worlds. Thanks again!

  3. Boarder Collie and chickens… that is a challenging mix. Good luck!

  4. heyercapital says:

    Congratulations Walter et al.

    I introduced that Phaser program to my prior company's branch offices, saving them thousands of dollars. I'll attest to the vibrant colors and good quality. (Unsolicited testimonial!)

    The main downside is that our copiers couldn't auto-feed the pages because the waxy 'toner' had too much friction for the autofeeders to slide across the glass.

  5. Very interesting side effect, the stickiness. The wax is nice because it makes the images not bleed if water touched. I am careful not to run the pages that have been printed on the wax printer back through our old laser printer since the laser printer uses a heating roller and I don't want to gum that up.

  6. Gail in Montana says:

    Very nice calendar, Walter!!! Hey, wouldn't that be something if Mary did a novel with you and your family in it!!!! Mystery on Sugar Mountain Farm, I can see it now ;-). And nice job on the cut out shelves, very neat and usuable!!!!

  7. Aye, that would be fun. :) I've actually appeared in at least one other novel with a close description and another a long time ago under this name.

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