Wind Scape

Stream Line Wind Lines

It has been windy, which is not unusual here on the mountain. A little further up in the notch it is much stronger. We hear the howl from our snug cottage and are glad not to be in it. The snow makes the effects of the wind more noticeable. In some cases it is sculpted edges of drifts. Other times it drives snow devils whirling across the fields. In the photo above dirt particles along the road from the snow plowing protected the snow down wind of them creating lines like slip streams in a wind tunnel.

Outdoors: 29째F/3째F Cloudy
Tiny Cottage: 64째F/56째F

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5 Responses to Wind Scape

  1. Mary Ricksen says:

    Burrrrr! Stay warm and enjoy the beauty of new snow. Forget the rest of the world as you gaze on it in the moonlight. Very cool! Literally.
    I lived in Vermont and Canada so I know cold. Down here in Florida we cook all summer.

  2. Vera says:

    Crikey but you have it rougher than us in regards to winter weather. Hope you stay wrapped up and warm, and hope warmer weather arrives soon.

  3. I'll trade you the snow for all the rain we in the Northwest are having to endure…still! Kim

  4. Pablo says:

    Where is the annual ice sculpture?

  5. Rain=mud.
    No deal!
    I'll take the dry snows of winter, please.

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