Green Harp, Blue Sky

Heart of Song

We used to have an upright piano. It was so long ago, shrouded in the mists of time, that I don’t remember its origins clearly. A free piano from someone else’s porch found in the classifieds. We lugged it around from house to house over a period of decades ending up down at our old farm house.

Moving it around was good exercise but made for poor sound quality. Keeping it tuned was virtually impossible and cost about as much as just buying a good electronic keyboard. Since we have several piano players in the household we got a Yamaha P85 Contemporary Digital Piano several years ago. The digital keyboard offered better sound quality, stays tuned and is a lot smaller. The digital piano also has the advantage of a headphones jack – a key issue in a small house for when people are practicing the same piece over and over and over again.

I simply couldn’t bear to trash the old piano. For several years I tried to give the upright away but nobody wanted it. Turns out there is a surfeit of upright pianos looking for ‘good homes’ in the newspaper classifieds. Understandable. I discovered from talking with others that many are languishing in basements or on porches.

There is no room in the tiny cottage for the big piano, most of the keys were missing their ivory or had ‘issues’ and finally we realized it was at the end of its life. Still, I could not part with it completely. So we disassembled the beast and removed its heart, er, I mean harp, which I lugged up to the top of the hill and leaned against a rock by the upper pond. It is a very heavy heart. I can just barely lift it. Lots of puns there I won’t try for.

When I put it there the harp was a golden brass color. In time that has changed. Sitting in the sun the metal has oxidized to a glorious green which contrasted nicely against the white snow and blue sky for the portrait above. I contemplated putting it out in the field to see if the pigs would play. But I refrained.

Now children, and some children at heart, play with the harp on the hill. It is a great deal of fun at picnics. Who else has such a piece of sculpture on their mountain and where else can one strum steel strings with a stick. I intend to bolt it to one o the big boulders but for now it rests there in peace, a green harp under a blue sky.

Outdoors: 27째F/18째F Mostly Cloudy, Some Snow
Tiny Cottage: 65째F/58째F