Hope Ribbon Braid

Hope Upbraided and Beribboned

Hope saw a drawing on the cover of a book showing a woman with her very long hair braid with ribbon. This led to a little research on the web as to what it was called and some experimenting with hair. She was quite pleased with the results.

Why might you ask, is Hope wearing her shirt inside out and backwards? Well, you’ll just have to read the Spiderwick Chronicles and find out how that helps you see the fairies…

Advent Clues

For the month of December Holly makes up riddles, each age appropriate, that lead little ones, and some not so little, on hunts each evening. Since Hope is just beginning to read her clues are often a combination of pictures and words.

Outdoors: 25째F/19째F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68째F/61째F

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6 Responses to Hope Ribbon Braid

  1. Jaime says:

    I love all the wonderful traditions your family has that I have read about here over the years. You live the good life. I am sure there are lots of hard things, enduring your winters, daily work on the farm that must be never ending and all that but you have a wonderful family and life. Thank you for sharing it through stories. Someday when I have kids I want to do many of these sorts of things.

  2. ranch101 says:

    So, does it work? Has she seen any fairies?

    I think we'll have to read the Spiderwick Chronicles soon! My daughters love fairies and would love to meet some.

  3. No fairy sighting's yet but she is looking carefully as you note from the inside out backwards shirt. She is very actual-factual so the verification process is important. She is loving the Spiderwick Chronicles. They haven't replaced Harry Potter for her but she's getting very into them. Both are great series. Mostly we read to her, such as after dinner, but recently she has begun reading the books herself.

  4. Fanny Miller says:

    I often don’t write in blogs however yours compelled me to, amazing work.. lovely photos too. I especially enjoh the closeup of flowers.

  5. Call of the Wild by Jack London? Some history, some cold survival, some companionship, some improving yourself…lots of links to Vermont outdoors and some adventure too!

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