Spinning Rods

Ben Spinning Rods

The concrete form work for our butcher shop walls are is held together with threaded steel rods. These 5/8″ thick rods pass through the forms and through walers on either side. This transfers the crushing force of the tons of concrete from forms on one side back across the rods to the forms on the other side and back to the concrete using the tensile strength of the steel.

Threaded steel rods are expensive. What Ben is doing in the photo above is spinning the steel rods. He places two nuts on the end of the rod, cranks them tight to lock and then spins a little bit more with the crescent wrench or wrench which is slightly easier since it doesn’t adjust out. Doing this about a day after the pour breaks the binding force between the curing concrete and the steel so that then we can use a large drill to unspin the rods from the walls to recover them to use again later in this and other projects. A plug of concrete in the hole secures the wall from insects and mice.

Recover, reuse, recycle.

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