COP15 Irony – Save the Earth: Stay Home

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Titles like “Reasons Why Earth Won’t Survive” are rather droll. They are dramatic nonsense. The Earth will cope just fine. Humanity might wipe itself out, but we’ve lived with that threat in various forms for a long time. During the cold war it was the use of nuclear weapons people worried about mostly. Now it’s global warming. I would worry far more about global cooling – just a slight drop in temperatures is far, far more disastrous than even the greatest amount of global warming they predict. Mini-ice ages have happened before, within recorded history, within the 1800’s even, and they were major disasters. In the 1990’s we had a summer with snow every month of the year. This year was pretty bad too. Again, most of our crops failed. Pastured livestock and diversity is a saving grace in those times. Just a little more cooling and it would have been a real disaster.

What really gets my hackles up is these blow hard politicians and eco-freaks flying to Copenhagen to talk about the climate. They’re all talk. I would like to see them walk the walk. Buy land, protect it. Farm. Raise their own food and some for their neighbors. Stop jetting around the world and talking about stopping pollution. I find this whole, “fly to a remote location and have a yak about pollution” thing to be rather ironic. Rather like the “fly to a luxury resort, eat fancy food to talk about poverty and world hunger.” Me thinks they protest too much and just want an excuse for a vacation in a foreign land. Vacations are fine but lets recognize this for what it is, hypocrisy.

A report puts the pollution load of the Copenhagen Conference (COP15) at 41,000 tons of carbon emitted from the Copenhagen conference. They say that’s okay because they’re doing offsets in Bangladesh but that is just fancy footwork, playing games with numbers. They’re still polluting at the COP15 conference. Offsets are just a game of sweeping the pollution under the rug rather than actually doing something about it. Mere guilt clearing. Confession might be good for you but it doesn’t actually help get rid of the sin.

By comparison, our family’s forest and farm land soaks up about 1.4 tons of carbon per acre per year so it would take 29,000 acre-years of land to absorb all the carbon these politicians and their friends are emitting at COP15. Given that the article only talks about 10,000 people attending and a recent local newspaper article talked about 14,000 “official observers” attending and there will be a lot of journalists and unoffocial observers, come-alongs, spouses and support people I suspect that the real number of attendees is more like 50,000 to 100,000. It could be more by a long shot. This means that the 41,000 tons of carbon they claiming they’re emitting is a very low figure and the real number is actually far, far higher. 10x higher. Just think, 290,000 acre-years to soak back up the pollution from the COP15. That’s a serious black eye on the Earth.

I can just imagine the headline news:

“New Research Shows Go Green Conferences Cause Global Warming!”

If they want to make a difference then they should stay home and use the tools of the digital age. Better yet, put their talk into actions, stop driving a jet plane like the Goremobile, living in a huge house with a heated pool like the Gore Mansion and spend their time and money actually preserving and protecting the land, growing food and reducing pollution.

I am an environmentalist – I spent my money buying land which I endeavor to protect from development. I strive to minimize pollution and to conserve. I live in a very small, energy efficient house that will last a long time with minimal upkeep. I raise most of our family’s food and fuel. Our farm is a deep net carbon sink, soaking up millions of more pounds of carbon a year than we emit. Yes, I am feeling a bit holier than Gore. His ilk are bags of hot air – Talk is cheap. Let’s see the likes of Al Gore actually Walk the Walk.

The Earth does not need saving nor is it in danger. Humanity though could be on the way out, especially with these conference goers leading the way.

Visit Ben’s web site to see his full cartoon, what he has to say and others of his toons. Remember that he loves getting comments!

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23 Responses to COP15 Irony – Save the Earth: Stay Home

  1. Well said. ;-) I couldn't agree with you more.

    Copenhagen is not about saving the planet, it's about greedy Al Gore and his globalist ilk making money off of trading carbon derivatives while running the U.S. into the ground. Those snake charmers won't even include in their "equations" that the currently very quiet sun or the tilt of the earth, precession of the equinoxes, etc., contribute to these cycles of heating and cooling. The UN scientists have been instructed to consider only the man made factors, and to heck with the universe, because that data doesn't support their claims. For heaven's sake, other planets in the solar system are currently going through a warming period. And it appears that we are cooling here on our blue planet at the moment. But then again, I just saw in the news this week that "they've" announced that the sun has nothing to do with the climate?! After the emails showing the faked climate science, I sincerely hope that people are beginning to get a clue re the agenda of Gore and his friends. Met Al many years ago in a scientific setting. The man is an energy sucking bloated toad.

    Glad to hear that you don't see the necessity of building an ark anytime soon. Neither do I.

    I wonder if Al will give me a carbon credit for the nearly 250 trees I've planted on my place? At some point, I fully expect to be taxed for raising carbon emitting hogs.

    Pax. Kimberly

  2. Shawn says:

    Hmm. Better be careful, Mr. Jeffries! If you keep this up, your children may just grow up to be able to think for themselves!! ;P

    Glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks this "global warming crisis" is, well, just a lot of hot air!!

  3. dinkleberries says:

    Well said, Kimberly!!

    Gore is totally a hypocrite, jetting around the world and making millions off of global warming and trying to make people feel guilty for existing. I understand that this 'global warming' thing has cost millions of lives.
    Stop the cap and trade, bring back the jobs to our shores, put the lumberjacks and others back to work, and restore our freedom.
    It is being suggested that the only way we have any hope of doing that is by each of the states declaring sovereinty and quit bowing to the feds.

    for more info.

  4. oshea12566 says:

    I am not so sure about any of this. I mean…humanity has only been keeping records for what…150+ years or so? How do we know it is not the natural order of things for the Earth to heat up than cool down…than heat rinse wash repeat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Walter, your post reminded me of my grandfather he always said about people who were like the leaders at the Copenhagen summit "Talk is cheap , takes money to buy rum"
    They are all talk, no real action. You hit it right on the head again. If these "leaders" and I use that term loosley. Wanted to do something they would be buying land, slowing the devistation of rural farm land, and ENCOURAGING people like you and me to raise our own food, not making it harder for us.

  6. Janine says:

    Hay Walt! This means your farm is producing green eggs and ham! I love it! I wish I lived close enough to buy your pastured pork. Keep thinking different!

  7. jdawg says:

    I like your blog, but other than tooting your own horn for being a carbon sink the rest is a little funny, but not really very intelligent. Of course leaders of the world need to meet to discuss global warming. What you are advocating is lack of government, but I think we need government.

  8. No, jdawg. Not a lack of government. Rather that they should do what they are telling other people to do, reduce pollution and they should use the modern tools that would let them get this done without so much travel. They way they are doing it is highly inefficient, a waste of time, a waste of fuel and produces a lot of pollution. In the end, it made no difference.

  9. Anonymous says:

    COP15 was a waste. Even the greenies think so:

    Obama may eventually become known as "the man who killed Copenhagen," said Greenpeace U.S. Executive Director Phil Radford.

    They just added more to the worlds pollution and had fancy dinners together. Lots of press releases. No action.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I don't want to get into a fight with anyone on the internet but the only developed (educated) country in the world that is rejecting the worldwide support for the science of climate change is the USA. Everywhere else the science is only fought by special interest groups and those funded by commercial interests.

    Let's stay focussed on what Walter has said about the planet being safe and the people being in jeopardy. That is the issue. It gets lost in rhetoric.

    Al Gore may be a fool, he is the talking head, the voice, the one who attracts media and financial support for science. His role is to counter the lobby and false science of industry.


  11. Michelle says:

    Well the conference was a failure and nothing got done other than stuffing their fat faces and blowing a lot of hot air and spewing out more pollution that is going to make our environment more toxic. Why dont they get it? The point isnt global warming. The point is the toxins they spew into the air soil and water. These are poisoning us. They are all hippocrypts and I am not miss spelling that – big fat assed liars they are.

  12. Harold F. says:

    My country did sign the Kayto protocal but I do NOT agree with it. Something I hate about this whole thing is these 'leaders' do not represent the people. My leaders don't represent me. They are mearly the people in power. They got there because they have a lot of money and they stay there gaining more money. I want to see real environmentalism, real cuts in pollution. What they are doing is buying and selling credits that make it so they make money on the trades and they can just as you said sweep the pollution under the rug. Meanwhile those of us who really do live frugally with both money and pollution are punished by their new taxes and price increases. In the end it is the likes of Gore and his friends that keep making more and more money of the whole sham.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bunch of lazy do nothing joes at COP15:

    "COPENHAGEN (AP) – The U.N. climate conference has ended after two weeks of intense wrangling, accepting a new U.S.-brokered deal that offered billions to help poorer nations adjust to global warming but did little to cut emissions of greenhouse gases."

    That is the latest news. Spend money but achieve nothing. So they wasted 41000 tons of carbon to have a press conference. Grate mate!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Support for the theory of global warming is not universal not even amoung scientists. There is a lot of evidence that suggests we are seeing only a small part of the big picture. There is a lot of evidence that says this is normal. There is a lot of evidence that shows that the world has been through much wider swings in temperature in the past over and over and over and over again and again. There is some evidence that suggests that maybe man is responsible for the warming this time but that evidence is not agreed to by all scientists. I agree people should pollute less. But I am not convinced that mankin is the source of global warming or that global warming is even real. The data is too limited and they are seeing similar effects on other planets in our solar system. Did the mars rovers cause global warming on mars? I think not. They are about as green as you get with their solar power all electric motors. I just saw an article that said the upper atmosphere of the earth is cooling. That the sun is at a period of low activity. That doesn't sound like global warming nor does it sound to me at least like man is responsible either way. There are lots of articles arguing it back and forth. My question is who is making money off this whole thing? They're probably the ones responsible for anything.
    in the UK

    PS. Got to your blog from a story here in our country. Love your cottage. Quaint.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Liberals in the USofA like to blame the US for not agreeing to the extortion that is the kayto treaty and now the cop15 thing but it is countries like China that are the real problem. Try reading beyond the local US media. Read the international press and get the whole story. There are a lot of people outside the US who see through the ruse of Blame US for the global warming.

    From the guardian in the UK-

    "The deal, finally hammered out early yesterday, had been expected to commit countries to deep cuts in carbon emissions. In the end, it fell short of this goal after China fought hard against strong US pressure to submit to a regime of international monitoring.

    The Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, walked out of the conference at one point, and sent a lowly protocol officer to negotiate with Barack Obama. In the end, a draft agreement put forward by China – and backed by Brazil, India and African nations – commits the world to the broad ambition of preventing global temperatures from rising above 2C. Crucially, however, it does not force any nation to make specific cuts.

    "For the Chinese, this was our sovereignty and our national interest," said Xie Zhenhua, head of China's delegation."

    Frankly it is all fraud so the big leaders can make money and do business as usual.

    In that same article they also said-

    ""This accord is not legally binding, it's a political statement," said Nnimmo Bassey, chair of Friends of the Earth International. "This is a disaster for the poor nations – the urgency of climate change was not really considered.""

    In other words they did nothing. Again. But you and I are paying the bill.

    I am with Walter. Change starts at home. It is not the USs fault and I'm tired of being blamed.

  16. Jerry says:

    Congrats on getting published Ben!

    And as always, Walter, I'm right with you on this. Well said.

  17. Amy Croft says:

    The global warming fanatics make an argument that anyone that disagrees with them must be a propagandist and nut case. This is pretty lame and childish reasoning. It's like the old your-a-baby argument that kids make when someone disagrees with them. The facts remain that the people promoting the global warming agenda have a lot to gain from the conferences, protocols and agreements they are pushing. The carbon traders stand to gain a lot of money. What is soaking up the carbon? Farm land and forest land like Walter's family's farm. Who will get the credit for that? People like Al Gore who do the carbon trading. Walter, I ask you, have you gotten any carbon credits? Do you think you will? I bet not.

    This whole thing is a political and corporate front by one group against another so they can make big money selling Global Warming.

    I completely agree with you that this whole face-to-face meeting stuff is a total waste of time and resources. I am on several working groups to develop local infra-structure for area food, housing and other things. We realized early on that meeting in person was a waste and actually counter productive. If nothing else there was the whole thing of trying to get everyone's schedule to match. We also saw the whole pollution to drive there problem. Our solution was an email discussion list. It has worked great for three different groups for over four years. The technology is here. We don't need our leaders jetting around the world either. They should be setting an example by not traveling.

    I am with you 100% on this Walter! Anyone who can't see the advantages of digital meetings is either in the dark ages or trying to hide something. I found it very interesting the reports about secret negotiations at the COP15. Is that why they really met in person? To have back room secrets? How awful. Lets have accountability. Get that by putting them in the public spot light. No dark rooms!

    Peace and Happy Solstice!


  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Arthur says:

    I just read this news piece from AP:

    "AMSTERDAM (AP) – The top U.N. climate official said Wednesday that though the Copenhagen global warming summit went sour, countries should avoid blaming each other and get down to work on a better deal next year."

    In other words, lets all fly to another fancy resort location, have fancy dinners and party next year! Fun, fun, fun until the tax payers revolt! Hey, they know they have a good thing going getting us to pay for their luxury accomidations and meals.

    Teleconfrencing would spoil their party.

  20. AdamA says:

    From the news feeds
    >>>In an earlier interview with BBC television, de Boer said countries had to work together. "Yes, things may have gone sour in Copenhagen. Giving each other the blame for that is not going to help," he said. Critics suggest the U.N. format involving virtually every country on the planet is a formula for deadlock.

    Like duh. They achieved nothing in copenhegen. They are thinking to big. Instead those who care should do little acts of saving the environment. That is how we will make change. Through little things like changing our buying habits like not commuting like not traveling to these freaking conferences etc. These flipin leaders are wasting energy and time with their fancy state meal tickets while asking tax payers to fund the bill and not really making any changes themselves.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I just read that the UNs climate report is full of errors and exaggerations like claiming that the glaciers are going to be all melted by 2035 when there is no indication of such a thing and a lot of other errors and that they are back peddling and appologizing for the errors. It is hard to take those people seriously when they exaggerate like that. They should tell the truth and focus on the important stuff.

  22. Welton says:

    I find the neo-environmentalists like Gore and the whole new crowd so hypercritical. They are all flying and driving to these conferences when what they hneed to do is stay home and cut their pollution load. Instead they do feel good things like buying carbon credits that are not real change.

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