COP15 Irony – Save the Earth: Stay Home

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Titles like “Reasons Why Earth Won’t Survive” are rather droll. They are dramatic nonsense. The Earth will cope just fine. Humanity might wipe itself out, but we’ve lived with that threat in various forms for a long time. During the cold war it was the use of nuclear weapons people worried about mostly. Now it’s global warming. I would worry far more about global cooling – just a slight drop in temperatures is far, far more disastrous than even the greatest amount of global warming they predict. Mini-ice ages have happened before, within recorded history, within the 1800’s even, and they were major disasters. In the 1990’s we had a summer with snow every month of the year. This year was pretty bad too. Again, most of our crops failed. Pastured livestock and diversity is a saving grace in those times. Just a little more cooling and it would have been a real disaster.

What really gets my hackles up is these blow hard politicians and eco-freaks flying to Copenhagen to talk about the climate. They’re all talk. I would like to see them walk the walk. Buy land, protect it. Farm. Raise their own food and some for their neighbors. Stop jetting around the world and talking about stopping pollution. I find this whole, “fly to a remote location and have a yak about pollution” thing to be rather ironic. Rather like the “fly to a luxury resort, eat fancy food to talk about poverty and world hunger.” Me thinks they protest too much and just want an excuse for a vacation in a foreign land. Vacations are fine but lets recognize this for what it is, hypocrisy.

A report puts the pollution load of the Copenhagen Conference (COP15) at 41,000 tons of carbon emitted from the Copenhagen conference. They say that’s okay because they’re doing offsets in Bangladesh but that is just fancy footwork, playing games with numbers. They’re still polluting at the COP15 conference. Offsets are just a game of sweeping the pollution under the rug rather than actually doing something about it. Mere guilt clearing. Confession might be good for you but it doesn’t actually help get rid of the sin.

By comparison, our family’s forest and farm land soaks up about 1.4 tons of carbon per acre per year so it would take 29,000 acre-years of land to absorb all the carbon these politicians and their friends are emitting at COP15. Given that the article only talks about 10,000 people attending and a recent local newspaper article talked about 14,000 “official observers” attending and there will be a lot of journalists and unoffocial observers, come-alongs, spouses and support people I suspect that the real number of attendees is more like 50,000 to 100,000. It could be more by a long shot. This means that the 41,000 tons of carbon they claiming they’re emitting is a very low figure and the real number is actually far, far higher. 10x higher. Just think, 290,000 acre-years to soak back up the pollution from the COP15. That’s a serious black eye on the Earth.

I can just imagine the headline news:

“New Research Shows Go Green Conferences Cause Global Warming!”

If they want to make a difference then they should stay home and use the tools of the digital age. Better yet, put their talk into actions, stop driving a jet plane like the Goremobile, living in a huge house with a heated pool like the Gore Mansion and spend their time and money actually preserving and protecting the land, growing food and reducing pollution.

I am an environmentalist – I spent my money buying land which I endeavor to protect from development. I strive to minimize pollution and to conserve. I live in a very small, energy efficient house that will last a long time with minimal upkeep. I raise most of our family’s food and fuel. Our farm is a deep net carbon sink, soaking up millions of more pounds of carbon a year than we emit. Yes, I am feeling a bit holier than Gore. His ilk are bags of hot air – Talk is cheap. Let’s see the likes of Al Gore actually Walk the Walk.

The Earth does not need saving nor is it in danger. Humanity though could be on the way out, especially with these conference goers leading the way.

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