Gained a Chihauhau

Katya Sleeping in My Lap

Katya above is sleeping soundly in my lap. She won’t be a lap dog for long. This week she gained a Chihuahua dog. That is to say her weight gain was 6 lbs, the equivelant of her increasing in size by an entire small dog. This puts her on track to be much larger than her mother Lili who qualifies as a large dog and maybe as big as her aunt Kita. For now though she is my little lap dog and I’ll treasure the limited time left while she still fits in a snuggle like this.

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5 Responses to Gained a Chihauhau

  1. Anonymous says:

    sweet picture

  2. Mary Ricksen says:

    Awesome that you love animals so much!
    My German Shepherd used to lay on my chest like a baby. One leg would be on each side of my head and his would be on my shoulder. He's nine now and about 130lb of big black dog. His name is Junior, my husband has a strange sense of humor. But I loved holding him and I miss it. He's not as easy to hug now.

  3. Mary Paddock says:

    Awww . . . What are you going to do when she's still trying to climb into your lap when she's a 100 plus pounds?

  4. *grin* Been there, done that, got the big dog T-shirt. :) Hagrid, the half-giant dog, continued to insist that he was a lap dog long beyond the point he was as tall as I am standing on his hind legs. Our compromise was he just put his chest and forelegs up on my lap, with my invitation. Frankly, once they get above about 50 lbs the lap time gets to be rather hard and most of them get a lot bigger than that. I will treasure it while I can.

  5. ranch101 says:

    My first dog was a smooth collie. We took her to dog training class, and she made friends with a sheltie who was always on her 10 year old trainer's lap. Our 50 lb dog, of course, was certain she was a lap dog, too. We wound up training her with the "lap" command just to have some control over when she'd fly into our laps. (Like yours, legs and chest in lap, rest of dog still on ground.) That sure came in handy when we got our second dog, an Irish Wolfhound mix. It's an impressive trick for a big dog, and has been really good for helping them not knock over the little kids. He's rather arthritic these days, but still gets all excited when told "lap!"

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