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On Dec 10, 2009, at 11:06 AM, ruby_mcfarland23 wrote:
I reckon there are those who disagree with feeding meat to pigs but we have always done it knowing pigs eat meat in the wild…I’d be interested in hearing your points of view on feeding meat to pigs, and if I should approach this differently with a sow I’m raising for breeding vs. a meat hog.

I would not feed meat, especially pork, to our pigs. There is the risk of spreading disease into the herd and the risk to our customers. Our breeding herd genetics are too valuable and I don’t want to endanger our customers. I don’t have the time or want to waste the energy to cook carcasses or slop.

Raising the pigs on a vegetarian diet, pasture/hay+dairy+veggies in our case, is just too easy to bother with risky behavior like feeding meat to the pigs.

Our egg layer hens on the other hand do eat some meat in the winter. It replaces the bugs they get in the warmer months. It isn’t a huge amount but saves a lot on the chicken feed bill while keeping them laying through the winter.

Besides, there isn’t much meat around after our pack of livestock guardian dogs are done feeding. They come after me in the line for animal protein. Anything not fit for them should be simply composted.

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