Halloween Costumes 2009

Cybrog from the Green Mountains

Ben spent many hours disassembling computer equipment and piecing together this elaborate and eye catching costume that garnered a lot of complements.

Zombie Bunny Trash

Will and Hope were zombies. He would introduce his little sister as left overs as she popped out of the trash can. Very effective. They creeped out a lot of people.

Will the Zombie

Will fashioned his costume from bones, can-o-foam for brains and guts, silicone sealant for worms and other nasty stuff. There was no zombier zombie in town.

Hope the Zombie Undead Bunny

Hope was a cute bunny, or so you thought at first. Then she smiled and you saw all her front teeth were knocked out and her guts were showing through her shirt.

Ugly Dog Costume

This was one of the more convincing costumes. At first I thought it was an ugly dog. But then when it spoke to me I realized he was really an intergalactic secret agent with a squeaky voice. Silly me for having been fooled so easily.

Outdoors: 59째F/39째F Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 68째F/64째F

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