Halloween Pumpkins 2009

Hope’s Tiger Pumpking

Every Halloween the local Waites River General Store has a pumpkin lighting. Above is Hope’s entry for this year, a Hobbes Tiger from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.

Ben about to Burn Pumpkin Man at the Stake

Ben went for a dramatic touch…

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Tiny Cottage: 69째F/64째F

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2 Responses to Halloween Pumpkins 2009

  1. heyercapital says:

    Looks like Ben is celebrating Reformation Day and Halloween together.

  2. Slightly relevant, there was a C&H; snowman strip that had a giant snow chicken with an ax, standing in front of a stump, surrounded my decapitated snowmen, and Calvin saying to his mom, "Oh yeah? Define 'well adjusted'."

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