Cole Ward Butchering Classes

Glitter Spinner Painting by Hope

Remember those paint spinners at the fair grounds? Well We made one using parts of other things and it got a lot of use. Recently it got rediscovered so I present a spinner painting by Hope. She added glitter for extra fun.

In preparationg for our top secrete Big Project we have been apprenticing with master butcher Cole Ward for the past seventeen months. His butcher shop just got rebuilt and he has started a new series of classes at the Green Top Market in Morrisville, VT:

4 Butchering Classes
Gourmet Butcher Cole Ward at
Green Top Market
639 Morristown Corners Rd.
Morrisville VT 05661
(802) 888-8883

Tuesdays 5 pm to 8 pm

Nov 17th – Whole Pig
Nov 24th – Sausage Making
Dec 1st – Whole Pig Refresher
Dec 8th – Whole Lamb

Update 2011-03-01: Master butcher Cole Ward has released a set of DVDs containing four hours of cutting instructions for beef, lamb and pork. Check it out!

Outdoors: 55째F/38째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 68째F/59째F

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5 Responses to Cole Ward Butchering Classes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that including butchering in your eden does not change the energy.

  2. We've been doing slaughter and butchering for our own family's needs for almost 20 years. Being able to offer on-farm slaughter for our livestock that we sell means one more step in making their lives better and more humane. Currently we must transport our pigs three hours to get them to the butcher. That is a stress for them on top of going to a strange place and dealing with strange people. This is one more step to making our eden closer to paradise.

  3. FarmerJeff says:

    So it will be an abatoir…excellent! What will the inspection process be? USDA? State Inspection? You need (as I'm sure you know) a lot of animals going through to fund an onsite USDA inspector. If you have figured out some way to legally sell farm slaughtered pork, please share with us!

  4. Skating rink. Definitely a skating rink. :) Oh, wait, art gallery. As to how much sales it would take to fund an USDA/State inspected facility… you would be surprised at how low the number is. But if I said more I would be giving away the smoke screen. :)

  5. MMP says:

    I did one of Cole's Lamb classes last year. I liked it and we made / had awesome sausage.

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