Site Inspector

Blackie Inspects Construction

Blackie brought her pigs up from the garden to inspect the, ah-hem, Art Gallery construction site and review our safety procedures. She merely grunted when we asked if the form work was sturdy enough for the concrete. As you can see from her nose, she poked around for a while looking for dirt before we met with her. I think she approved of what she saw, after tasting the horseradish which is right behind her.

Blackie is farrowing in the south end shed and we’ve given her free run of the old house gardens which she is cleaning up for the fall. Through a series of narrow openings she is able to navigate out to the south field where she can get to the whey troughs. The other pigs don’t seem to come in where she is. An interesting behavior I’m thinking about.

In this litter there are three nice looking little boars who might make good breeders. I would love to, er, inject her genetics into the other sows mixing her excellent qualities across the herd.

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Tiny Cottage: 68째F/60째F

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11 Responses to Site Inspector

  1. susan says:

    What a very beautiful happy pig. I do enjoy your blogs which I have read for quite some time. Your wonderful life, and that of your animals is a complete opposite of my own here in St. Albans UK. God bless you all. susan

  2. Holly says:

    Blackie has some impressive mammary glands. Her piglets must do very well and I like the kind look in her eye. Considering a sows size and abilities, it's always nice when their disposition is amicable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey walter, me again in NH. I want to stop buying grain and get day old bread. its SOOOO much cheaper, some of it is moldy and I know pigs eat some pretty crazy rotten stuff I try to feed them only good foods that havent really spoiled. is the moldy bread ok with them? I gave them their first batch today and it didnt seem to bother them at all… eventually I want to get my place set up like yours with whey they are already pastured. get veggies 7 days a week. boxes full haha thanks! Robert

  4. Robert,

    I wouldn't do too much of their food as bread. It is high in calories and may make them overly fat. Keep an eye on their body condition and adjust accordingly. As to the mold, many types aren't bad for us, some are, so I can't make an overall generalization there. If the bread were very moldy I would compost it instead. A little mold, especially the good green mold, doesn't worry me. Some molds can produce toxins that cause abortions and other problems. Moderation helps again.



  5. Gail in Montana says:

    Thanks for sharing a picture of your construction inspector, Blackie ;-). I love how you tell about the happenings on your farm and what the pigs are up to. Neat that Blackie can come out from her piglets and clean up the garden for you as she meanders about. Nice post, great job!!!

  6. plat3 says:

    This is not about your post but, I have seen you on homesteading today and I was wondering if you knew what is going on there? I cant get on their site anymore.
    thanks, plat3

  7. It looks like they've been attacked. They now have a message up:

    Maintenance Outage

    We've been getting some 'pings' from some not-so-nice 'visitors.'

    In fact so many, they crashed the system … HARD

    No worries though, we've got all the data safe and are in the process of reconfiguring the server … yeah … it was that bad of an attack.

    Anyway, Figure on us getting back online within the next day or so as we take some punitive … we mean counter-measures … while watching our bbs files get restored.

  8. I'm not sure. I haven't been able to get to it for over a day. HomesteadingToday seems to frequently have server troubles. My guess is they need to buy more processing, bandwidth or storage.

  9. healthyblog says:

    Blackie is one very cool looking pig! Wish i could have one – sadly, this is a little difficult as i live in the middle of the city, maybe one day!

  10. Cara says:

    Do the piglets each choose one teat and pretty much nurse off of "theirs," or do they all share? I am asking because I see some of her teats are obviosuly producing milk, while others seem not to be(?). Human breasts/mammary glands produce according to demand and independently of each other, so I imagine other mammals may be similar. Thanks, as usual!

  11. Cara, See the next post where I answer your questions.

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