Katya Walking

Katya Up and Mobile

After opening her eyes on Monday Katya puppy stood up and walked, not belly crawled, but walked on all four pads on Tuesday. She is now quite mobile and even wagging her tail.

On Thursday while our daughter Hope was holding Katya I was slicing up some pork for Katya’s mother Lili. I held out a chunk to Katya to let her sniff it. She lay there casually smelling it. Then her eyes popped open, she squinted clearly at it and attacked grabbing the chunk in her toothless mouth. I hadn’t really meant her to eat it so I pulled it back from her. She was having none of that and lunged forward nimbly on all four feet and grabbed it again with her jaws. This was the first strongly directed independent action I had seen. There’s no question that Katya’s no vegetarian and those hunting reflexes kick in really early!

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4 Responses to Katya Walking

  1. Funder says:

    There's nothing better than watching a puppy eat her first taste of real meat. She's beautiful Walter!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought i'd pass you on a link from MSU (Michigan State University). They are going to research free range pigs.

  3. Gail in Montana says:

    Thanks for keeping us up on Katya's progress as she grows, Walter. What a beautiful puppy. I bet that was something when she tried to get that chunk of meat. Their instincts sure do kick in early!! As a dog lover, this is special to me, thanks for posting!!!! :-)

  4. A Bay Horse says:

    She sure is cute! Gotta love those pint-sized carnivores. :)

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