Plumbing Channels

Slab Plumbing Channels

Back when we poured the super insulated slab we setup forms that gave the impression we were pouring walls. But it was just the opposite. Those forms were negatives leaving channels in the slab of concrete.

Pipes in Channels

In some places the waste water plumbing will pass under walls and through lines of stress in the slab, thus the little removable pink foam structures, anti-forms, that allowed the concrete to be poured with reinforcing rebar and welded wire mesh over the channels. Later we will put in the plumbing and pour the final floors which will fill the channels with concrete finishing the slab.

The reason for the channels is that our plumbing mains will be inside the slab but I’m not ready to lay the final pipes yet although I’ve put a few into the channel to check things. We’re saving plumbing and electric for later. Right now we must focus on getting the building closed in before the weather turns to winter for real.

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4 Responses to Plumbing Channels

  1. Nice job. Concrete is pretty expensive in these parts but no denying its durability. Smart way to run the plumbing. What are you going to cover the runs with? Concrete or?

  2. When or just before we pour the final floors for the facility we'll fill the channels with concrete. I've never put plumbing in slab before and I was a little leery of the idea but I've now spoke with a lot of people who've done it and said it works well. The channels were my way of putting off the decision until later. Procrastination is a primary principle for me. Never make a decision before its time. You might get new data that would affect your choices.

    The dominant advice was to use schedule 40, nothing special, and have a good foundation. This slab has a lot of steel in it to keep it tight and crack free, is thick and is well insulated. It will be thermally stable. I have thought about maybe pouring a highly aerated concrete into the channels – something low psi but the reality is even low psi is way beyond PVC strength.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad to see you making progress on your big project. It is very exciting. I for one look forward to your opening. We could certainly use more ''ice rinks'' or ''ice cream vaults'' or ''pig cheese caves'' or what ever it is you are building! :) :) :) :)

  4. Jason A. says:

    Fascinating projects you got there! Keep us posted. I cant wait to see how it turns out.

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