Katya Eyes

Katya Puppy Eyes Open

Katya has opened her eyes fully. It took about four days from when she first started to make little slit eye faces at me to wide open eyes and tracking me as we look at each other. Until this day I shot the photo her eyes were a little blue, perhaps a film on them. Now they are almost black.

She recognizes me by scent and is familiar with the routine. In the morning Lili goes for a walk while Katya snuggles up to my neck or in my shirt. The first few days this was unfamiliar and she would say, “Where, where, where” asking for Lili. Now she snuggles in immediately and coos “safe, safe, safe” to me. At some point Lili comes back and rings the bell to be let in. After eating Lili asks for the puppy back and settles down to nurse her.

Kavi Eyes

In time I expect Katya’s eyes will look like most of her relatives, a beautiful rainbow of color with red flecks, gold, brown, yellow and green. Most in the pack have eyes that look like Kavi’s above. She has one uncle who has green eyes and his were that way from a very young age. Molly, who is unrelated has soft brown eyes although she wouldn’t hold still enough for me to get a photo for this post.

The photo of Kavi’s eye completely fails to capture the complexity of colors in his eye. It is interesting how some things that we see just don’t show in a photo. What you can see in his eye is my reflection looking back at me with the blue sky above. The Observer Effect in the mind of the Dog.

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9 Responses to Katya Eyes

  1. Mary Paddock says:

    I am a new reader, having found your blog whilst doing a search for something else (Wife Swap for some ungodly reason), loved your letter to the exec looking for "talent". I am hooked on your dogs. More than that, I am hooked on your descriptions of your dogs and the stories surrounding them (especially Kita). Katya is beautiful.

  2. Andrea says:

    Kavi has such beautiful eyes. I loved that picture you had of him at the window last winter wooing his love.

  3. Ah, yes, that would be the Wolfman Love post about Kavi at the windows. Right now he is hanging back because Lili, Katya's mother, said something really nasty to him. From the way he acts it was something along the lines of "If you don't stay back I'll bite off your…" She's been nippy with Molly too who is also very curious. Now that Lili has settled into motherhood she is quite protective of Katya puppy. I bring the puppy out to show the other pack members at least daily so it can smell them and they can smell Katya.

  4. Jacob says:

    So is this a litter with only 1 pup?

  5. There were two puppies born but one died.

  6. Diane N. says:

    Walter, how is Molly doing? In your post about her, you said she showed signs of interest in being a livestock guardian dog though she arrived at your farm when she was already 9 years old.

  7. Molly's doing great. She's integrated very well into our pack. She's learned where animals are supposed to be and even helped move pigs a couple of times. She's fascinated by the pigs and loves to watch them. She still is chained or in the kennel if we aren't with her so she's not a free patrol dog yet but now she spends up to several hours at a time free around us as we work on construction or in the field. She also loves the puppy although Lili guards it from her. I encourage this by letting her smell the puppy when it is in my hands while I baby sit and Lili is off for a walk about. Molly has had puppies before and I suspect she was a great mom as she is so gentle and interested. Molly turned 10 last month.

  8. Gail in Montana says:

    Thanks for posting little Katya again, Walter. It will be nice to see her growing up. As you can tell, we are dog lovers, too. My hubby was a dog handler in the Air Force in the 60's. I think German Shepherds are his favorite breed. We don't have room for one here on our little acre, but do have a Brittiany Spaniel, Doxie(my baby) and a little Affenpincher/Yorkie cross. They enjoy running around in our fenced in front yard. Kavi does have beautiful eyes. There's nothing like a greeting from your dog/dogs when you get up in the morning, and they look at you with those beautiful eyes!! Thanks again for posting.

  9. Vanilla Girl says:

    Oooooooooooooooo so cute!!!! You have the most beautiful dogs. I wish I could have one. I am in a city apartment so no chance. Someday. Somewhere. My dog will come.

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