First Snow 2009

Tiny Cottage in Blanket of Snow

Since we, as usual, have fall construction projects, I was rather hoping for the first snow to wait until winter was officially here on December 21st. That had been the plan. But this morning we woke up to 4″ of snow with more coming down. It will melt. I will renew my sacrifices to the various weather Gods. Perhaps it is a reminder that we want to get closed in as soon as possible.

There is also winter animal housing to roof, hay to get stowed, wood that is cut (Thank you, Will) which we need to stack and various other prepping for winter. We always do this, pushing to get just a little bit more done before the snows lock us in. On the one hand, we wonder, why we end up doing construction in the fall. The answer is quick to come, because we spent the months before also doing construction, destruction and preparation. It isn’t until June that we’re really freed from winter, since April still has snow on the ground for part of the month. May is often muddy and filled with planting, seeding, fencing and other preparations for summer. The span of the warm months are short. We achieve as much outdoors as possible while the ground is clear. It is the way of the seasons. Hopefully this snow will melt and we’ll get a warm rest of the fall.

Some would move to a warmer climate. But then we would miss all the benefits of Vermont’s cold weather and winter snows which kill off alligators, kudzu, chiggers, ticks, politicians and other blood sucking parasites. I’ll take a good hard, cold winter thank you very much.

Construction Slab in Snow

Yesterday we completed all the form work for the outer wall, the retaining wall, that will keep the mountain from pushing on our big project. This wall wraps around the building to protect the insulation from plowing, dirt, vehicles and water. The retaining wall forms use the threaded rod technique that we practiced on the smaller north retaining wall with great success. The advancement in this pour is doing it as a free standing wall instead of in the earth. If all goes well then we may try an 8′ tall form. That would speed up our cycle time and save pump truck visits which are expensive.

If you click on the photo above then you’ll get a very wide panorama.

Outdoors: 43째F/26째F 4″ Snow, Overcast, Clearing in the late afternoon
Tiny Cottage: 67째F/59째F