Greenhouse Pillar Pull

Lifting a Pillar

Despite all my games with strings and levels one of the pillars in our greenhouse was too high and out of line. I noticed right after we poured. Not sure how it happened except I goofed. You would think it would have been more obvious. My original plan was to fix it with bricks on top but this summer I realized it would better to simply pull the pillar and replant it.

I used the tractor to pull the pillar out of the ground and we adjusted the hole and replanted it. Rather like replanting full size trees. Now it is straight, level and all in line. We braced it so it will stay that way as the dirt recompacts around it. Even with tapping the dirt down with a 2×4 all around as Will filled the hole I don’t trust it to be hard enough until some time has passed.

In a little while we’ll be putting the shed roof pieces on the greenhouse to act as animal shelters for a few years. It won’t be for a while that this will actually become a greenhouse. I’m still thinking about how I want to do the roof design. The glazing I want to use is expensive. Everything in its time.

The slots in the sides of the pillars are for dividing the spaces within the greenhouse up into smaller areas. This gives us flexibility to change the configuration of the building and its uses on the fly. For example, we have been using it as a creep this summer for catching piglets. Those spaces could also have plants in them, a farrowing sow in the winter, bedding space for pig with access to the outdoors, etc. The key is not to lock ourselves into anything.

Yesterday I showed the pumpkin harvest and mentioned that we hadn’t gotten a hard frost yet. Last night we did. All of our construction forms and the ground had a thick coating of white on them this morning and the pumpkin leaves are limp, blackened remnants of their former glory. So passes summer. This was quite the extended growing season, we got an extra five or six weeks. Generally we get frosts like this the last week of August or the first week of September. I appreciated the long period of warm weather.

Outdoors: 51째F/29째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66째F/64째F

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2 Responses to Greenhouse Pillar Pull

  1. tree ocean says:

    Glad you fixed the pillar. I have discovered in building things that it is sometimes easier to tear it out and fix it properly than to deal with the error that snowballs into an enormous pain in the rear as things progress….LOL.

  2. Kit says:

    I'm so very glad we moved out of Alaska, where summer was about the third weekend in July… maybe. That said, I've already had to scrape car windows four days this month in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Despite what the expert, educated weather forcasters are saying, I'm betting on a baaaadddd winter! And no, we don't have our list of projects finished, either!
    Beautiful work your family does, and I enjoy the information on the pigs. By-the-by, our pig houses are finished for this year! They at least, are warm!

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