Blue Heron at Upper Pond

Great Blue Heron Landing

I swear I saw a pterodactyl. That’s what the Great Blue Heron reminds me of with it’s majestic flight. Soaring they’re gorgeous. Landing they’re awkward.

We’ve been seeing a lot of this one recently. Above it is about to land in a big maple tree near our upper pond where we have trout.

Great Blue Heron in Maple Tree

Above the heron is sitting in the maple tree above the upper pond eyeing Kavi, one of our livestock guardian dogs. Kavi is eyeing the heron right back which is why it doesn’t come down to fish.

I think the reason we’ve been seeing the heron so much in the past month is not because we have a pond of trout, which has been there for quite a while. Rather it is that we recently cleared the new fields which makes for a scenic flight path. I notice that the heron prefers to fly along pastures, marshes and road lines rather than over the forested areas.

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6 Responses to Blue Heron at Upper Pond

  1. Jacob says:

    What breed of dog is Kavi?

  2. tree ocean says:

    You must be very fast and stealthy to get those pix! Ours here are very shy-which is probably why they choose the open flyways the better to see the guns pointing at them. Some folks will shoot (bullets)at anything.

  3. We have much the same pterodactyls, Sandhill Cranes. I am looking at one now coming up the field along side the driveway. They too seem to prefer the open fields as flyways. We see flights of hundreds in the Spring. Totaly prehistoric sounding birds. The hard part is training the dogs not to chase them..

  4. Jacob, Kavi's a mix. A pinch of German Shepherd, a pinch of Black Laborator and a lot of Other. He and his relatives have been working dogs here on our farm for about 20 years, almost as long as we've been here. His grand sire showed up, started guarding and wouldn't go away. Eventually we accepted the situation and Coy's descendants have lived and worked here since.

    Tree, those were the best two shots I've gotten out of hundreds in the past weeks. The heron flies over us often, sometimes three or four times a day and the kids have a clear view of the upper pond from their loft so they can alert me to him and I can grab my camera.

    Art, that must be awesome to see so many. We just see the one. Normally we see it over by Riddle Pond. I like seeing him but I also appreciate that Kavi keeps him from fishing in the pond for trout. I have wondered if perhaps he is after the frogs rather than the trout. Any ideas?

  5. RM says:

    Hi Walter! Just letting you know I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks for all you do!

  6. ranch101 says:

    Great Blue Herons eat a wide variety of animals, including fish, frogs and mice. They stab their prey with their long, spearlike bills and swallow them whole. We used to have a few that would come frequently to a pond next door to our old farm. I cried when the people who bought that place filled in the pond!

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