Garden Spider

Garden Spider

Holly found this visitor at the cottage window. It was chilled and very inactive. I believe this beauty is an Araneus also known as a Orb Weaver or Garden Spider. I’ve been googling about trying to find an exact match but haven’t yet. Perhaps you know her well?

Outdoors: 62째F/35째F Partially Sunny, Evening Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 74째F/60째F

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9 Responses to Garden Spider

  1. Mary Ricksen says:

    Excuse me but AAAAHHHHH! Scream, run!
    Ugly, horrid, necessary thing.
    Your poor sweet wife.

  2. Oops! Didn't mean to send chills up your spine! We like spiders, as long as they're not in bed with us, etc. Outside is preferred. :) This summer there was another like this outside our bedroom window but enormous, maybe 1" or more across the body and far greater across the leg span. I appreciated it being out there catching flies and not in with us.

  3. Issa says:

    Ooh, beautiful find and a great picture on top of that! :-)

  4. Gail says:

    Hi Walter,
    Spiders are good!! I have some pictures I took of an orb weaver here in Montana and back in Michigan when we lived there. This looks more like a crab spider, or golden rod crab spider, possibly. There are a lot of different shapes and colors of that one. We had one of those late last summer on our front porch, and I moved it to an empty flower pot and took some pictures of it. Found another variety of crab spider early this month out in our flower barrels, but couldn't get a clear picture of it. Spiders are fascinating as long as they are OUTSIDE ;-)!!!

  5. Mellifera says:

    Oh mercy, 1" across is not big! We took a trip out to the swamp this summer (maggot hunting… long story) and found that the giant banana spiders down here in FL looooove to hang out in 3' wide clearings- big enough to hang their *gigantic* webs- and about face-level height off the ground. See for a scale photo of one of these beauties.

    They're very easy to miss until they're right in your face, if you're walking around looking at the ground for cottonmouths. :-O

  6. Wow! Thanks for the reminder of why I don't live in Florida!!! :) That and alligators. :)

  7. Mellifera says:

    Heh! We did decide a couple months ago that we have to spend next summer up north for internships. Far, far up north.

  8. Ben says:

    Hi there, I love your photo! This specimen, is, as you rightly said, part of the Araneus order, and by the look of her, she is full of eggs! Without close examination of the epigyne it isnt possible to say for 100% but because of her abdominal markings, i am 99% sure your specimen here is an Araneus quadratus. In relation to Gail's comment, I think she is slightly confused about the identification of spiders, there are many orb weaving spiders and range in shape and size erratically.

  9. Cool, she's full of eggs… so that is why sometimes they look like this vs much less, er, full.

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