Slab One Done

North End View of Slab One

This morning we poured the first of the slab layers. No blowouts. Only two small leaks of concrete under the forms along the dirt (~1 or 2 cu-ft) and no collapses. It was a very successful pour and we got it done in only about one hour plus a little cleanup time. We were actually ready a day ahead of time so I called up the concrete people (S. D. Ireland the rock group formally known as S. T. Griswold) and they delivered early.

South End View of Slab One

In a few days we’ll do the next layer, while the concrete is still fresh to make a strong bond. I divided this slab into two layers because we’re doing a 16′ unsupported span beam with wooden forms. While the west half is sitting on a previous insulated concrete slab, there’s no earth under the east section which is about 16′ wide by 32′ long of unsupported form work. 19,200 lbs of concrete is now curing on that large span. With multiple pours in mind we left the top of this layer very rough, raking the top to give it extra grab with the next layer. We also left a ring of steel that will join the two layers. Eventually this thin slab will be the bottom part of a super insulated beam who’s spanning members will be 12′ tall, strong enough to carry far greater loads than we’ll ever have.

This pad unifies the previously separate foundations of the shed with a floating slab upon which we’ll build the rest of the building. At approximately 40′ x 40′ this represents the largest slab I’ve ever done. Gradually our projects get bigger and bigger. I joke with Holly that in time I’ll be ready to build my own Taj Mah Hall. Well, perhaps not that grand but maybe a tower. We’ll call it Walter’s Folly.

We couldn’t have had better weather – cool, in the sixties and overcast with some sun. Just right for pouring concrete.

Outdoors: 68째F/43째F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 72째F/69째F

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15 Responses to Slab One Done

  1. Ryan says:

    Twelve feet tall? Do you mean long?
    Boy how this engineer would love to see some drawings.

  2. Pablo says:

    I hope you make the folly some day!

  3. Yes indeed, 12' foot tall beams… They are about 40' long. These are (structural) walls which also are support beams bridging over the void. Holes are punched in the beam / wall for doorways but beams can take a lot of holes before losing strength and we only need a few doorways. Round or triangular doors would be better from a strength point of view but I will make some concessions to custom and fashion. :)

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Walter,
    I've looked at the past entries and must have missed it. What exactly are you building?


  5. Michelle,

    I haven't actually posted yet about what the Big Project is. I plan to write it up soon. I've been dropping various clues for about the last 16 months. It is farm related, giving us vertical integration and one more advancement in Just-In-Time-Farming. So, make a guess and leave it in comments and we'll keep it a mystery just a little longer…



  6. rpricenglishinPA says:

    Well, based on your comment earlier that the entire space will have the ability to be refridgerated… I am guessing that you are building a butchering facility…

    – Rosalyn

  7. Anonymous says:

    Refrigerated… ah….. Ill take a wild guess… you are setting up a research and manufacturing facility for vaccines. Or maybe it is something to do with liquid oxygen for rocket fuel after your adventure with a wood fired space ship back on April 1….. I bet that is it! Pigs in space! The muppets would be proud! Okay so that was really wild guess. :->

  8. oshea12566 says:

    Starting your own store? Your own butcher shop? Agri-tourism. Ok, that is 3 guesses.

  9. Ian says:

    My guess would be butcher shop too. That is what I would love to have but it costs millions from what I have read. Getting butchering done is a big problem for us. When we are ready to butcher everyone else is. I know you sell all year so maybe it is different. I have had a lot of trouble with getting our meat done right and getting it all back and problems with packaging and just all the troubls I am sure you have too or why would you want to do it. Having your own would certainly make life easier.

    Just for wimsy though I am going to guess you are building the worlds largest ice cube. Maybe you will freeze it all winter long to get summer refrigeration for free!

  10. Large flat space. Refrigerated. On your farm. It is clearly an ice skating rink for your new production
    "Swine Lake" Hope and Holly ? Have you started on the Tutu's yet ?

  11. Holly says:

    Walter has been very good about keeping my penchant for ice cream a well kept secret, but I guess the game is up. The truth is out. He is having to significantly expand our freezer capacity in his valiant effort to keep my happy. What a sweetie!

    Oh, what dreams I dream. ; )


  12. JoeLarry1961 says:

    Cant wait for your version of "The Wonderful Barn"

  13. JoeLarry, that's a a cool folly-esque structure!

    Holly, that was going to be a Christmas surprise… Naught you for guessing. Now I'll just have to return that one million dollar order of Ben & Jerry's Vienna Mocha Chip… *sigh* :)

  14. Anonymous says:


    Will you give credit to the first person to guess what the big project was all about?


  15. Hmm…. Pete, I think they can take credit for themselves. :) Besides, many have gotten it right over the last year and a half or so. Also, I think highest credit should go for the most creative ideas that stick reasonably close to the reality. More fun! :)

    So, Pete, I'm curious about where you're located. Are you near by? Just across the state line?

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