Zen of Shadow Sticks

Ben Balancing Stick on Rock at Sunset

After we had a bonfire this evening and I was done toasting my hot dog I casually flipped my stick up in the air and balanced it almost perfectly still on my finger tip. That wowed the crowd (of four). It’s important to have an arsenal of these tricks.

Hope said it was impossible. Then she amended that it must be magic. After some thought she wanted to try it herself. Soon everyone was balancing sticks and discussing the art of inertia. Longer sticks are easier. Look at the top, not the bottom. Pointy sticks can be spun orbiting the center of mass. Standing up is easier than sitting down like I was in the beginning. With some practice one can flip the stick in the air and catch it back on one’s finger to balance again, toss it high and don’t hit anyone! One stick on each hand is a lot more difficult. Hope says that one stick on each finger is impossible. I’m working on it.

Hope, age six, is determined to master this skill. Ben has gotten quite good at it as he demonstrates standing up on a a rock backlit by the evening’s sunset light to the east. Red at night… Sailor’s delight.

Outdoors: 73째F/44째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 71째F/65째F Atrium cleared

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12 Responses to Zen of Shadow Sticks

  1. sheila says:

    That photo of Ben is amazing. Looks like something that should be on a cover of a book or a poster for a movie. Is is possible to purchase a print of that photo? I'd love to frame it and hang it on my wall. It has such a magical look about it.

  2. Suz says:

    Beautiful photo!!! Ben looks like Peter Pan.

  3. What a wonderful image – you should be proud of capturing that moment so perfectly!

  4. Sure. I have a poster printer that produces prints about 19"x13" which we use for our pork cut chart and other posters. The cost would be $10 for the poster of which $2 can go towards Ben's educational fund. I am not sure what shipping would be, I'm guessing $5 should cover it. If you would like one send a check to our postal address.

  5. Someone emailed me asking about doing this or other images on canvas like the Trail of Swine.

    Googling I first found CanvasOnDemand on the web which does this sort of thing, framed and all. Their prices start at about $90 (16"x20" and framed).

    I found a source of canvas paper that is supposed to work with our Epson poster printer. I also found this on rolls. Something for people who are interested in doing their own.

    It's about $40 for 10 sheets (1 box with shipping) which is about $3 per sheet more than I pay for the other paper, I think, so that would make the print on canvas be $20 with shipping to allow for learning about the new material (inevitable waste happens). That would be doable if I had enough orders (4) to justify a box of paper/canvas.

  6. Here's another online printer that will do it on canvas at FineArtAmerica that someone sent me. They're about $30 for 13"x20" which is a similar size. The person who gave me the link said she's been pleased with their work.

  7. Dan says:

    Amazing! Very Zen. Very mystical!

  8. Great Pic. And it reminded me that I have been having a craving for hotdogs. We wish we were closer to you so we could try some of your down on the farm variety. Alas we will have to do with the Safeway brand. But well burnt over a barbeque.

  9. I'll have to figure out how to email hot dogs… :) If they were flatter maybe they could slide out of the CD/DVD drive slot…

  10. Well, surprise of surprises, I've gotten enough requests for paper and canvas prints of this photo and the Trail of Swine that I'll be firing up the poster printer and ordering some canvas. Print day will probably be in ten days or so. If you're interested, let me know before that to get your poster order in. You can email me at walterj@sugarmtnfarm.com

  11. Paul says:

    That's a great picture! I too am now hungry for hot dogs. You are a slick promoter, lol! I am pushing up brush piles this week. Looking forward to roasting some weenies here too. Bet I don't get a picture that good though!

  12. Walter there is something very very special about this picture. Maybe its the child in all of us who remember summer evenings with family, or the smell of autumn just around the bend when you light a fire at this time of the year. Whatever it is I think this photo needs to be entered in a contest and shared. In the meantime…I'll take a print too. I'll do it. Tell Ben thanks as well.

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