House Jacks

Bottle Jacks

Will found these in the attic this week. Twenty years ago I lifted our old farm house up in the air. I raised the roof about five feet and set it down on new walls as well as putting in a foundation. It was quite the sight to see, with the wind blowing through beneath. The hydraulic car jacks above are some of the ones we used for the big lift, gradually jacking up each corner and putting cribbing under the supports. It is amazing how such a little tool can lift an entire house.

I had never done it before but had seen photos of houses up on cribbing which was enough to give me ideas. While it was up in the air I used winches and ropes to straighten the crooked house’s frame before setting it back down where it has been for the past 20 years. Apparently it worked as the house has stayed put.

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4 Responses to House Jacks

  1. heyercapital says:

    Walter makes Sisyfos look like a slacker.


  2. Ah, yes, I had forgotten his story. If I remember correctly I read of him in Dante's Inferno.

  3. Roger Hardy says:

    Triamgular house?

  4. *grin* No, there were four jacks. The other one is in use so Will didn't find it in the attic. Just those three were up there together on their wooden bases that I had made to go with the cribbing. The house is a four square cape. You can see it here. Note that the shed that is discussed there is now gone.

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