Moon Shot

Moon Shot

Will got this great shot of the Moon by simply holding a camera up to the eye piece of our telescope. We were all very surprised at how well it came out.

Outdoors: 82째F/63째F Cloudy, Rain in afternoon, Intense Lightning Storm
Tiny Cottage: 77째F/70째F

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4 Responses to Moon Shot

  1. Anonymous says:

    Imagine what he could do with a proper camera to telescope adapter.

  2. Well done Will. I can see Neils footprints all the way over here to Central Illinois. And Walter..glad you're back online. You might want to have a talk with your MD. Your next wasp reaction could be worse. An Epi-pen may be in order

  3. Thanks for the thought Donna. An Epi-pen is something I should look into having around. I kept bees for about 25 years and have been stung many times by wasps. Sometimes the reaction is stronger than others. The problem this time is that I got stung right next to my eye and the wasp was trapped between my face and hat so it delivered a very strong dose of venom. I think it may have also been a larger mud wasp rather than the usual yellow jacket.

  4. ranch101 says:

    Walter, glad you're recovering. I just had to deal with a yellow-jacket nest that was barring us entirely from entering our (miniscule) back yard. Oh, and we're going to play with a 30" telescope tonight at Fremont Peak Observatory :) I doubt I'll get any pictures as nice as Will's, but I'll at least try.

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