Bug Trap

Night Time Bug Trap

No-See-Ums are tiny bugs that are so small they can fly right through window screens. These are much smaller than the infamous black flies. Unfortunately a No-See-Um bite is nasty, totally out of proportion to their size.

But there is a s simple solution – They are attracted to light. Around the cottage there are various night lights such as the clock, computer power light, etc. I place a small container with a little water and a drop of soap by the lights. The No-See-Ums are attracted to the light and drown in the water. The reason for the soap is to reduce the surface tension of the water so they get stuck in it more easily. Works like a charm.

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3 Responses to Bug Trap

  1. A Bay Horse says:

    Interesting idea! Thanks

  2. Mellifera says:

    My mother-in-law once made the discovery that big glass bowls of water filled with tea candles for entertaining make perfect traps for flour-moths. Luckily the little buggers are small enough that nobody notices them diving in during dinner….

  3. Interesting. I can well imagine that would work well. So in the absence of an electric light I could substitute a small candle. Great idea.

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