Big Rock Pile

My Big Rock Pile

That lovely pile of rocks is where I’ve been collecting some of the big stones as we terraform around the farm, creating terraces out of the steep hill sides. We’ve gathered these out of the soil and cut them from the ledge to make the spaces flatter. In most places the ledge is only a little ways under the soil so we have to do a lot of cutting of stone to get width.

These rocks will later get used in the stone walls of buildings we’re planning. One such building is the cottage. Currently it has a false rock pattern we simply drew in with our fingers as we parged the exterior. In a few years we’ll be adding onto the cottage to give ourselves cool storage that reaches back into the hill. Once that is done we can unify the exterior with a final wall of stone from our land, giving it a true stone exterior and thickening the walls by another foot or more.

In addition to this rock pile I have several more along the driveway where it is easy to dump the rocks and later retrieve them for projects. Hope thanks me for building the piles as she loves to climb them. Extra incentive to make sure the piles are stable. Nudge, nudge I go with the tractor after I place each slab of stone – just to make sure we don’t have any sliders.

Outdoors: 83째F/52째F Mostly Sunny, UG Trench filling, Pedestal installed
Tiny Cottage: 79째F/69째F

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8 Responses to Big Rock Pile

  1. Jerry says:

    I am impressed by how your skills match your environment. You and your family are such a positive inspiration.

  2. Walter, you have the stony inclination of a true Irishman, a good rock wall outside the house will keep away many a Viking invader. Keep up the great work !

  3. Gail says:

    I just added your blog site to my Yahoo home page and am looking forward to your posts. As I'm in Montana, guess I won't get to vist ;-) . But at least I can visit through here. Sounds like you and your family are doing a lot of work there on the farm. As I grew up on a farm in Michigan, I can appreciate some of the things you are doing. Good Luck with it all!!

  4. edifice rex says:

    I also collected all size stones when I was building and recently used the larger ones to build a retaining wall. It's a very nice feeling to use material from your land and it looks great!

  5. Anonymous says:

    A friend has a sig-line on her e-mail that states “Just because it’s born in a barn and barks doesn’t make it a Livestock Guardian Dog.” So, what does?

  6. Probably in order of importance (first things first):
    Body Form.

  7. Walter, please post . Its been several days. Shall we send in the garda ? (Gaelic for big guys named Seamus with clubs)

  8. I got stung by a large wasp in the face and was almost blind for several days. Today was the first time I could see clearly. Unfortunately that rather limited my ability to post. :( I'm just glad the wasp missed my eye. Half an inch to the left and it would have stung me directly in the eyeball. Me? I was just minding my own business right in the middle of the road when it happened. Itches like crazy now. That's a sign it is clearing up and will be gone soon…

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