Tractor Pull

Tractor vs House

It was no contest. The tractor won. The house came down. Or at least the west wall. That was the last wall of the section we’ve been working on. For the rest of it we had carefully dismantled the building piece by piece. There was so much dry rot on the base of the west wall so I decided to save time and just pulled it down with the tractor and a chain snaking around the beams.

The tractor 4-in-1 bucket can be seen in the lower left. I used the jaws of the bucket to chew up the wall for kindling. A tractor makes fast work of a house. In the background you can see a stack of wall and roof sections we’ll use to build animal shelters. Almost everything from the tear down is getting reused some how. The shed is once again reincarnated.

This is our big project for 2009. In progress. Just the start…

Outdoors: 78째F/49째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 75째F/69째F

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