Trashed the Place!

Party Time

We had a big party, being that it’s the end of July, and totally trashed the place. I mean like we knocked out the walls, ceiling fell in, roof blown off, everything. What a party! The geese did not approve.

No, that picture is not Photoshopped in the slightest. We really did tear down the building. We’re going to use the foundation to build something new, our big 2009 project.

That used to be our hay shed. Before that it was a horse shed. Before that the building was somewhere else. Lloyd, the previous owner, had moved the building here in sections so it has actually been pretty easy to take apart. Sort of a cut along the dotted lines project. Additionally, when I renovated it 20 years ago I did everything with the idea that someday I would be disassembling it. That planning paid off.

We’re moving the pieces out into the fields to build several animal shelters. I figure that the materials from this tear down are saving us about $6,000 on construction materials for other projects around the farm. Things we weren’t able to use like some doors, windows and insulation went to various friends of ours who are building homes and sheds. The building didn’t die, it just got donated, piece by piece, to other projects. Very little of it ended up as actual trash.

Of course, before tearing the building apart we had to empty out all the junk we had accumulated over the past 20 years. Kudos to Holly and Will who did most of that work.

Viva La Blender!

My new motto. It covers a lot from revolutions to what to do on a hot summer day with ice and fruit. After hot days of ripping apart buildings the work crew deserves something cold and refreshing!

How many party people can you count in the photo?

Outdoors: 78°F/59°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 76°F/68°F

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7 Responses to Trashed the Place!

  1. Ah, fruit smoothies, summer time salvation! Were anxiously waiting for the crop of Saskatoon berries to add them to the lunchtime smoothie.

  2. Andrea says:

    Since you have five people in your family and you say the photo wasnt photoshopped I am going to hedge my bet by saying there are five people in the photo. Or are there added helpers? I also count two geese and one or maybe that is two dogs. Amazing transformation on the tear down!

  3. Is that Glenda the Good Witch making an appearance at your par-tay or did the dude with the blue cone just forget to turn off his disco ball ?

  4. Holly made party hats and the tinsel is very reflective. Pretty impressive. Good spot!

  5. Farmerbob1 says:

    More Chinese characters in the temperature line here, Walter.

    • Aye, somewhere during the process when Google Blogger exported my blog text and then WordPress imported the text the degree symbol ‘°’ got translated to a Chinese character ‘째’. Also some end of lines got added and some extraneous HTML code got inserted. I’ve been fixing them as I find them but with the large number of posts I don’t have the time (or patience) to do all the patching. There is a “Global Replace” plugin for WordPress that I found but I have not yet dared to run that as there is this niggling fear that the cure could be worse than the disease… Someday when I have time and am feeling daring I’ll turn off the blog, backup and apply the Global Replace for these problems. It’s on my To-Do list but as you might imagine that is a rather long list. Fortunately I plan to be immortal. That’s also on my To-Do list. Lots of things on that list. :)

      • Farmerbob1 says:

        Well, it sounds like a possible Home School English project for someone then?

        You make the backup, and then they get a test.

        1 point for every incorrect word or grammar error found.

        -1 point for every Chinese character they miss :)

        Since they can use the find feature on the page, missing Chinese characters shouldn’t cost them too many points!

        Proofreading other people’s work is something very useful to learn, so it’s even legit!

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