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We are installing new electric underground back to the previous pole. This will enable our big 2009 project at the old hay shed. I dug the trench this past weekend. It was on a steep bank which made it a rather interesting project. The wire on the spool above is 350 MCM URD which goes in the 3″ conduit.

This will replace the overhead wires we have now. By moving the electric back and removing the pole that is in front of the house we’ll be able to improve the turnout for big trucks and I won’t have to cross over or under the road with the electric. Not having the pole there means we can put a turnout across from the driveway. This will help when we’re receiving deliveries of winter hay.

Currently the trucks have to park in the road while I unload them. Given that we have a one lane road you might think this would be a big problem. Fortunately there is only about one car per hour on the road so often I can unload an entire truck load without interruption.

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