Flip’s Weaners

Flip’s Weaner Piglets

These piglets are spending very little time with mom these days. Like their sow, Flip, these piglets have short tails. We don’t clip their tails – an intervention that is done some places. Rather they’re born with full length tails. Then in the first week or so the tails fall off. They trait is strongly genetic – that is to say I can trace it right through the herd back to Archimedes, one of boars, and Big Pig, one of our original sows, who both must have had the recessive genes for this. Both of them have full length tails. Pigs who carry both of the recessive short tailed genes show the short tails.

Three of the piglets above, the colored ones and the far white one, are from a different litter. At this age the cohorts begin to mix and match as they spend more time away from their mother.

Outdoors: 78째F/58째F Partially Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 74째F/67째F

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15 Responses to Flip’s Weaners

  1. oshea12566 says:

    Off topic-I am not sure if you get the "Showtime" cable channel or not, but there is a show called Penn & Teller's Bullshit. They will be doing a whole show about how Organic foods is bullshit. Just thought you might be interested. Than again maybe not, you might feel compelled to throw a shoe through the screen. :-)

  2. I'm not familiar with Penn & Teller but then I don't have cable, or any TV. We're too far out for wires and the mountains block air signals. Throw a shoe for me. :)

  3. Mellifera says:

    Although… if they're talking about the organic food you see at the grocery store, they'd be right.

  4. oshea12566 says:

    @mellifera- I think you might be right. I think the show's topic was organic food at the grocery store. I only saw the promotion clip once. The show airs Thursday at 10pm.

  5. I tried the link but it didn't work. Data rate made it break up. But there was a short blurb "Some people eat organic foods because they want to support small local farms – but eating organically might mean you're getting your food from giant corporations or China." on the page so it does sound like they're talking about the Big Ag Organic trying to pass itself off as local. Maybe after you've seen the show you could post a quick note here of how it was and what it was about. I would be interested to hear what you thought.

  6. oshea12566 says:

    Darn, I wish the link worked. But I'll watch the show and see what they have to say. Maybe you won't be putting a shoe through the screen afterall…I think they are focusing on Big Ag posing as loca farmers. We'll see…

  7. Where can I get me one of them fancy tortoise-shell piggies? :) And I thought my Tamworths were pretty.

  8. I got the Penn & Teller link to play. It is the Big Ag/China issue, the marketing of Organic as if it were more than that, the local that the preview focused on. It was interesting and well presented. I haven't ever seen Penn & Teller before although I had heard the name, not sure where.

  9. Jerry says:

    Penn and Teller usually seem to have things pretty bang on. I will have to check this out as Big Ag needs every kick in the nuts possible.

  10. JoeLarry says:

    As you have said before Walter, to use the 'Organic' label takes moolah for the Gov't. If I have a sick animal, I am going to do what it takes to keep said animal healthy(antibiotics etc.). I sell happy, healthy animals with names that they give themselves. Their lives are carefree and better than Big Ag could ever hope for(like they care anyway).I have been educating people about the real taste of pork…and it is not 'the other white meat', it has real color!!

  11. I saw a bit of the Penn & Teller show on organics. sadly they used the Hudson Institute for their source of information. The Hudson Institute is backed by Monstersanto, er, I mean Monsanto, perhaps one of the most evil corporations in the world. Other backers of the Hudson Institute, in character, include Cargill, ConAgra Foods, Exxon Mobil, McDonald's, National Agricultural Chemical Association. Friends like that seriously reduce Penn & Teller's credibility.

  12. CouleeView says:

    Walter – what did you cross to get the pig in the upper right – the brown or reddish brown (Tamworth or Duroc?) with the black spots? Love the coloration on that one.

  13. Our pigs are primarily Yorkshire with some Berkshire, Tamworth and Glouster Old Spot as well as possibly a touch of Hampshire. That covers all of the ones in the photo above. Additionally we have one Large Black sow that we're crossing into the herd. This is based on the phenotypes I've seen over the years. In other words mutts. We've selected the best with each generation for how they perform on pasture, mothering, temperament, marbling, taste, etc. Occasionally spotted ones show up like the one there. We also see black, red, yellow and the rare blue-butt.

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