New Skins

Granite Skins

These skins will become pavers around our whey and water feeders. The idea is to reduce the mud. The water will drain off and away. The pigs appreciate all the mud but I would like it to be a bit drier. We’ve also done this with concrete left over from foundation pours[1, 2]. The biggest one is about 5′ wide by 12′ long. That’s a massive piece of granite. They are made when the local granite sheds skin off the outside rough stone to create uniform blocks for carving and cutting.

Outdoors: 78째F/56째F Mostly Sunny Trenched UGE
Tiny Cottage: 74째F/69째F

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2 Responses to New Skins

  1. All I can see when I look at this pic is fabulous new countertops for my farm kitchen. Something that can just be pressure washed at the end of each day.

    P.S. Walter, how might I humbly ask you to view my blog and list on your site if you feel so inclined ? Quess I just did. "smirk" midlifefarmwife

  2. Aye, they make fabulous cottage parts. I have some pieces of black granite I'm carving to make a drain board and table utensils rack for our tiny cottage kitchen sink. See this article for the surround around my aquarium window in our bedroom. I lifted those pieces into place by hand – that was an experience!

    I've added a link to you. It will show up next time I update my blogger template.

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