Bimbo Bakeries

Sign on door at Bakery

I will add no comment…

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7 Responses to Bimbo Bakeries

  1. But I MUST leave a comment. BIMBO is of course Baked in My Babes Oven

  2. Mellifera says:


    "Who wants muffins? Tehehehehee!"

  3. One more. I'll bet the owner has her PhD in Marketing. She must be one brillant bimbo as she managed to get you to advertise her shop, for free ,all over the world wide web :)

  4. *grin* Actually, Holly asked the cashier who said the name Bimbo is the bakery's new owner's last name and he is a man. The cashier said the name is pronounced "Beembo" as in "Beem" me up "Bo" peep, er, Scottie. Perhaps an italian name? The cashier said that everyone pronounces it "Bimbo" as in like "Barbie". It is interesting how names come from one language to another and sometimes end up with rather, er, interesting accessory meanings.

  5. Did no one tell them? That was my first thought when the fellow I bought my pigs from began sharing his truckload of day-olds with me.

  6. David says:

    Actually, Bimbo is one of the worlds largest bakeries. You may have heard of Oroweat, Boboli, and Mrs. Baird's Bread? All brands of Bimbo (there are many more). They are also one of the main sponsors of the US professional soccer league. The US version is rather new. They originate in Central America. You can find them :
    A quality group.

  7. Fascinating! Thanks, David. I had tried googling for them but for some reason had found lots of other things but not them. Interesting to read about their history. The local bakery in question has changed hands and names many times over the years we've known it. Maybe Bimbo Bakery's USA will keep it.

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