Hope’s Unicorn Piñata Party

Hope Painting Piñata

For Hope’s birthday she, Ben and I made a papier-mâché pink unicorn version of a piñata with a glitter gold horn. Hope and I had been making another paper mâché project earlier this month when we came up with the idea of doing a piñata. Here she is giving here best impression of Michelangelo as she paints rainbows on the bottoms of the hooves.

Wackitty-Wacking the Paper Piñata

I had been concerned about making the piñata either too tough such that kids couldn’t break it or too weak such that it broke too soon such that not everyone got a chance to swing. Thus I had carefully layered the back thicker and the belly thin. Turned out to work perfectly. Every child got a hit, going up from the youngest. Several of them knocked off legs distributing some treats. We moved up to bigger kids including Ben, then Will and then my second youngest brother who gave the wise-crack answer to his age as being “he stopped counting after 18”. He was a good sport and took his turn, shattering the body with a major league blow on his third try.

Kidlin’ Collectin’ Candy

Before starting I gave some basic rules

  • Each person got three strikes.
  • We start with the youngest going up by age – Hope and one of her guests were born only hours apart so that made it extra fun.
  • The bigger kids got spun three times and blind folded.
  • Smaller kids could just close their eyes if the blind fold was too intimidating.
  • Spectators stayed well back during the swinging.
  • No rushing forward until the bat was set down.
  • Bigger kids generous and helped little ones find treats in the grass.

Everyone had a grand time with the piñata and no skulls cracked, other than the unicorn’s.

Hope’s Paper Maché Birthday Cake

After all that papier-mâché for the unicorn I couldn’t resist making a papier-mâché cake. Hope was delighted although our guests were rather surprised when they saw it. Being very polite they didn’t object when after Hope had blown out the candles I asked, with carving knife in hand, “So who want’s a slice of cake?!?”

Hope’s Real Chocolate Birthday Cake

Then I lifted the papier-mâché cake to reveal a moist chocolate cake inside. The papier-mâché acted as a great cake cover until I was ready to serve the desert.

Party Scene

The party scene as seen from across the upper pond looking north east towards Knox Mountain.

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