Great Big Clouds

Thunder Head over South Field

We had a dramatic thunderstorm this evening. Lots of thunder and lightning but little rain. As it pasted us the sky cleared, a rainbow appeared and we watched the thunder heads, filled with lightning, recede towards New Hampshire past the south field. July fireworks.

In other news, larger piglets are starting to wean in the south and north fields. The littlest ones are starting to come in from the far pastures. Hordes of little ones meeting, mixing, getting to know the larger cohorts, discovering the whey. Tao of the Oink. Whey of the Pig.

Outdoors: 76°F/53°F Sunny, Clouds, Rain, Thunder & Lightning. Oh, my!
Tiny Cottage: 76°F/64°F Piñata Time

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3 Responses to Great Big Clouds

  1. Tao of the Oink. Whey of the Pig.

    Walter, you've just given away the title of your next book.

  2. Jerry says:

    I am curious just how many piglets were at this pow-wow, and how many litters.

    My dad just can't believe you're able to pasture them this way. One day they will have internet on the farm and I can just show him.

  3. I saw groups of 8 to 12 each converging. They would get close, the smaller ones would skitter back, then they would start edging closer. At points there were probably 30 or more in one cloud of piglets.

    We've thought about giving the pigs internet access, they really want to blog, but they can only two hoof type. Still, that's better than the hunt and pecking of the chickens. Although, come to think of it, that in turn is better than their hen scratchings. Probably we'll need to use Wi-Fi to avoid stringing more wires all over the fields. I wonder if the fences can act as distributed antenna giving access all the way out in the high paddocks…

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