Field Hook

Iron Hook from South Field

I found that metal hook in the south field this morning while walking fence lines. It was just barely sticking out of the dirt by the stone wall. The pigs often turn up found objects like this, leaving them on the surface for me. I brought it back to show my wife…

Holly: Wow. Cool plant hook or something! Where did you find it?

Walter: Out in the south field where I found the sole of the dead guy’s boot.

Holly: Dead guy?!? Did you tell me about that?!!

Walter: Well, the boot looks to be a hundred years old so I figure that probably the guy is dead by now…

Holly (with relief): Oh, yes, well I suppose he would be. So did you ever show me the boot?

Walter: No, I left the poor soul in the field.

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9 Responses to Field Hook

  1. ~Tonia says:

    Old Dead guy is not near as exciting as a Cool plant hook!

  2. PV says:

    Wow!!!!! I love yor new top pix! Great how the mountns and the clouds fade off in the distance.

  3. oshea12566 says:

    wow.Stick with farming, stand up is not your thing. :-)

  4. Farmer Cat says:

    Oh, that was punny!

  5. *grin* The pun was fun and I'll avoid the standup since I don't like smoke filled bars or Vegas. :)

  6. I think that that “hook” is what they used to hang pots over the fire in the fireplace of the old kitchens. There was always an iron rod over the fire and then you would use different length ‘hooks’ for different pots and pans depending on what you were cooking and how hot you wanted to cook. That’s my guess anyway. Very cool.

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