Hot Dogs Are Back!

Hot Dogs Redux

Our acclaimed pastured pork hot dogs are available again just in time for the 4th of July. We had recently run out but yesterday we picked up the latest batch from the smokehouse and they are most delicious. Our wieners are a very fine grind of our Naturally Grown pasture and whey fed pork with a hint of maple syrup. Check out the very short ingredient list on the label below:

All Natural Uncured Smoked Hot Dogs – No Nitrates, No Nitrites

In our last batch of hot dogs we had had a problem such that we got chunks of tendon in some packages of hot dogs. Not good and very disappointing to discover. We spent a lot of time examining packages to find the offending ones once we discovered the problem. The smokehouse blamed the butcher saying that the meat had not been properly cut but also said their own bowl cutter knives, essentially a very large food processor, were dull. Additionally, the smoking didn’t seem quite right, not as rich as the previous batches. Thus it was with some trepidation that we approached this batch. The good news is everything seems to have worked out right this time. The new batch of hot dogs are delicious, smooth both in taste and texture, well smoked, juicy and have a pleasing snap. It takes a lot of pork to make a batch so it isn’t something we can do lightly. Happy hot dog days again!

Note: Since our hot dogs are all natural without preservatives and No Weird Stuff, no nitrites or nitrates you should keep them frozen until you are ready to use them.

Hot Dog Package – 7 Dogs in a Pound

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 2nd, we’ll be delivering frankfurters to the stores listed below in time for July 4th picnics and cookouts. You can guess what we’ll be enjoying at our bonfire!

Sugar Mountain Farm Weekly Delivery Route

If Sugar Mountain Farm pastured pork hot dogs are not yet available where you shop and you’re within Burlington-St.Johnsbury-WRJ triangle of Vermont then ask your store to contact us at about local delivery.

Snug Pigs in a Blanket

For dinner tonight, of course, we must test this latest batch of hot dogs. Fortunately there are some ends, broken pieces, in every batch that must be eaten. So in the name of science we forge forward, cooking and tasting with gusto! How do you ask? Why as pig’s in a blanket of course. What better way to serve all pork hot dogs on a cool, blustery summer day.

Hope Watching Mouse Who’s Just Farrowed

In other news, while we were making our day long trip down to the smokehouse which has the specialized hot dog stuffing equipment we had four sows farrow out in the south field. Four more litters of very cute piglets[1, 2]. I like animals that can take care of themselves to a large degree, giving birth without my having to be up in the wee hours of the morning.

Big’Un Who’s Well Over Half a Ton of Fun

Just don’t mistake them for a pet[1, 2]. They’ll eat you out of house and home and may grow up to 1,400 lbs.

A big thank you to Albert who fed out whey while we were gone!

Outdoors: 71째F/54째F Overcast, Bit of Rain, windy
Tiny Cottage: 69째F/65째F bedroom shelves up, old library ceiling down