Geese On the Hill

Fools on the Hill

The geese mow the grass around our cottage. While attending to their work they peek down into our cottage windows from the vantage there up on the cliff to the south west, spying on us as we eat lunch. Later they head back down the long whey drive to the main garden where they settle for the night. It seems to be a routine.

Outdoors: 74째F/53째F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 73째F/69째F Laundry day

4 thoughts on “Geese On the Hill

  1. Perhaps I should say a way long whey drive… :) My mother things I should also say it is too steep. One gets used to it and I've seen worse. I built it to curve up the contour of the mountain and continue to improve it some each year, bringing in new loads of gravel and stone to build it up, bank it and such.

    At one point, the big dump truck that had brought me a load began sliding forward down the hill. It didn't look like he was going to be able to stop. Ironically he was bringing sand so that I could keep up the traction on the road. After sliding about 20' on the ice he did manage to arrest the truck before sliding off the curve. Had he not he would have gone down the bank, into the atrium, through the kitchen wall and floor and ended up in our old farm house basement thus significantly advancing our plans for, er, renovating the old building… All well that ends well. Fortunately he was already scheduled to see his doctor that afternoon for an EKG. He joked he got his stress test right then!

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