Ladybug Leaf

Lovely Ladybug

Today the Summer Solstice Sun shone straight in past the front pillars of our tiny cottage. The shade edge was at the kissed the shelf such that the heat of the day is kept at bay. All by design. Making a house that fit the sun’s path was a lot of fun beyond the obvious advantages of passive solar heating for the winter and shading from the high summer sun.

What we have is a little bit like Stonehenge and other celestial observatories. The house is both a clock and calendar with this morning’s sunrise marking’s southmost point along the wall of our bedroom at the corner of the walls. As mentioned above, the summer Sun’s rays just barely angles into the cottage to avoid over heating. Come the Winter Solstice the Sun’s light will reach all the way through the cottage at noon, kissing the base of the back wall. There are other little angles and paths for the light that show themselves as the day and seasons progresses. Fun little markers of the passing time.

Our house incidentally also points towards Magnetic North. I noted that as I designed the cottage but it was not done with any mystical purpose. The reason is simply that orientation also happened to get us the maximum winter Sun given our surrounding mountains. Since the magnetic field shifts over the centuries this detail will vanish. It is a marker in time of where we were when it was now. Sort of like a time and date stamp at the mid-ocean rifts.

Holly jokes that I’ll puzzle the archeologists 10,000 years from now. Perhaps she’s right, if the glaciers don’t scrape us off the mountain. The house’s stone and concrete construction might last, or at least parts, although I expect the mountain will have buried it by then.

Outdoors: 74째F/53째F Mostly Sunny, light rains
Tiny Cottage: 71째F/68째F

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5 Responses to Ladybug Leaf

  1. Brian says:

    Fear not the glaciers destroying you little palace. Remember we are all going to burn with this global warming that we are causing! UNLESS the countless millions of dollars we are wasting,er spending to stop it actualy works!

  2. tree ocean says:

    I agree with Brian-no glaciers imminent, unless the climate change counter attack goes too far.

    IN retrospect, given our current NE weather, it might get washed off the mountain. :P

  3. We're safe from being washed away – we anchored and keyed our foundation to the mountain bedrock. If the mountain washes away then we'll go with it. :)

    I must say our gardens and pastures aren't minding the additional rain. A few years ago it was so dry.

  4. JLB says:

    Walter, You make my Celtic heart sing!!

  5. JLB says:

    Walter, You make my Celtic heart sing !!

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